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How shopi go generates 22x conversion rate with Shopney in comparison to mobile web!

Industry Fashion
Platform Shopify Plus
Region Europe
Website shopigo.com
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22x more mobile conversion rate
13.5x more customer engagement
1.2x more on overall revenue


Shopi Go is a distinctive fashion Shopify Plus store operating in Europe. The brand curates a diverse selection featuring the latest from globally recognized fashion brands, innovative designers, and luxury streetwear. Beyond its extensive product range, Shopi Go elevates the shopping experience with editorial content and style advice, crafted by its creative team.

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Shopi Go, despite having a responsive website that adapted well to various screen sizes, faced challenges in adapting to the increasing trend of mobile commerce. The brand noticed a drop in mobile conversion rates, which typically are between 1-2%. This drop was a big issue because most online shopping now happens through mobile devices. The limitations of mobile websites, including higher cart abandonment rates and lower engagement compared to mobile apps, highlighted the need for a more effective solution to cater to the growing segment of consumers shopping on mobile devices.

Shopney provided the solution by developing a branded mobile app for Shopi Go, enabling a seamless shopping experience consistent with their desktop and mobile sites, integrating key features for user engagement and conversion optimization. These features included a user-friendly design, streamlined product recommendation, in-app chat support, automated push notifications, and strategic integrations with marketing channels, all aimed at boosting mobile conversions and enhancing customer engagement.

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The number of consumers shopping on the go has been increasing by the day. According to surveys, almost 79% of consumers are now making online purchases from mobile devices but adapting to this change hasn’t been a cakewalk for brands.

While eCommerce websites have been working on optimizing for conversions, the average conversion rate hovers around 2-4%. But on mobile devices, owing to the smaller screen sizes, the conversion rate drops to 1-2% for most.

Shopi Go, an online department store and an upscale boutique for lifestyle products receives plentiful traffic from both desktop and mobile devices owing to its popularity. While their conversion rates met the industry benchmarks, the brand started to see their mobile conversions plateau over a period of time.

That’s when they started seeking solutions to make online shopping for mobile consumers easier and began researching building an eCommerce mobile app.

Conversion issues with mobile site

All eCommerce websites, including those built on Shopify, are responsive. This means that the websites are designed to adapt to the screen size they are being viewed on, ensuring all the key functionalities continue to work seamlessly.

But as mCommerce continues to grow, accounting for the majority of the online purchases made today, a responsive site is no longer enough. Here are some of the statistics we have noted when comparing the performance of mobile websites and mobile conversions:

  • Mobile apps drive 5x higher conversions than mobile websites
  • Mobile apps see 250% more engagement than mobile websites
  • Mobile apps see only 20% cart abandonment rate as compared to the 97% seen on mobile websites 
  • Mobile apps increase repeat customer rates up to 75% more than mobile websites
  • Mobile app users result in 3.5x more revenue and 3x more likely to repeat purchases than regular website users

During our early discussions with the Shopi Go team, we noted similar patterns around mobile web conversions and the potential to boost the numbers with a mobile app.

Using Shopney to turn our store into a mobile app was a smart choice. It solved our sales conversion issues and helped us grow fast. Shopney has been great for our business!
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To help shopi go boost their mobile conversion rates, we decided to deliver the same branded shopping experience to consumers through an app.

Building a branded mobile app

By installing Shopney on their Shopify store, Shopi Go was able to sync their store data in real-time with our no-code mobile app builder. This gave the brand access to their key store elements like product pictures, videos, product descriptions, pricing, and more, from within our Design Editor.

Our team then worked with Shopi Go to ensure the mobile app design was coherent with their desktop and mobile sites to deliver consistent branding to their target audience. The drag-and-drop editor with several conversion elements also enabled the team to design their home page, product and collection page, checkout, and more in sync with what their consumers expect to see.

Check out the side-by-side images below, showcasing Shopi Go on both the mobile site and mobile app - Shopney. The mobile app's UI is obviously more appealing, user-friendly, and superior, which is key to boosting the conversion rate.

home page of Shopigo on Mobile app vs mobile web app
product page of Shopigo on Mobile app vs mobile web app
collection page of Shopigo on Mobile app vs mobile web app
Optimizing checkout process for conversions

After aligning Shopi Go's app design with its brand identity, Shopney team focused on optimizing the checkout process to enhance conversion rates.

Considering industry best practices and insights into consumer behavior, we streamlined the checkout experience with the product recommendation feature on the product page by displaying similar, recently viewed, or related items based on the customer’s selections, aiming to increase the average order value (AOV).

We optimized the checkout process specifically for the mobile app, making it faster and more effective than on the mobile site.

checkout page of Shopigo on Mobile app vs mobile web app
Setting up conversion features

Our next step was to enable conversion features across the buyer journey in the mobile app. While this included key elements like app-exclusive discounts, multi-language and currency localization, barcode scanner, product recommendations, and more, here are the two key drivers our success team ensured were set up from day one of launch:

  • In-app chat - To assist mobile shoppers in making informed purchases, we set up custom automation through our built-in chat functionality. The goal was to make it easier for consumers to seek assistance and more information on products of interest, giving the brand a direct channel to drive them up to checkout with suggestions.
  • in-app chat page of Shopigo on Mobile app
  • Push notifications - To help the Shopi Go cut through the noise on other communication channels, we set up automated push and rich push notifications, especially abandoned cart recovery which plays a key role in increasing conversion rates and helps in saving a lot of lost sales.
  • example of push notifications from Shopigo
  • Integrations - We identified that Shopi Go ran integrated marketing campaigns to create omni-channel buyer journeys. To facilitate a seamless data exchange from their mobile app to other marketing channels to drive relevant traffic to the mobile app. Shopney integrated with their most used solutions, among which Shopi Go decided to use: Langshop, Multi-currency, and Boost AI Search & Filter. Especially, the advanced search capabilities provided by Boost AI, which are even more effective on mobile app than mobile web due to the superior UI shopping environment of the mobile app.
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As expected, Shopi Go saw nearly immediate results after launching their mobile app. They not only delivered a more positive shopping experience to their audience but also personalized shopping journeys at scale for mobile shoppers.

The brand was able to experience:

  • 22x more mobile conversions on the app as compared to their mobile website
  • 13.5x higher customer engagement, leading to higher retention rates
  • 1.2x more on overall revenue, turning their mobile app into a sales channel
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