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Negative Apparel uses Shopney and achieves 30% increase in revenue!

Industry Fashion
Platform Shopify
Region Asia
#3 shopping app in App Store
26% more conversion rate
30% increase in overall revenue


Negative Apparel is Pakistan's premier source for women's Western clothing, showcasing the newest trends in high street fashion, casual outfits, and party wear imported from abroad. With diverse styles available, including lingerie, cami tank tops, hoodies, blazers for office wear, and formal dresses, Negative Apparel brings international fashion to the Pakistani market, catering to a wide array of style preferences.

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Negative Apparel, initially reliant on a website for sales, faced a decline in customer engagement and conversion rates. This was partly due to the limitations of email communications in maintaining effective customer relations. Recognizing the shift towards mobile commerce, they sought to develop a mobile app to enhance their sales channel and improve the shopping experience.

The solution for Negative Apparel involved creating a mobile app using Shopney, a no-code builder integrated with their Shopify store, which matched the brand’s aesthetic and enhanced functionality. This app featured personalized product recommendations, multi-language support, and in-app chat to improve customer interaction. Additionally, automated push notifications and strategic integrations like Shopify Search & Discovery boosted engagement and sales, effectively increasing conversion rates and customer retention.

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Lower conversion rate

Negative Apparel is always dedicated to delivering the best quality products and the best shopping experience to its customers. Since they were mainly operating with a website as their only sales channel, getting the right engagement and increasing sales was a huge challenge, and staying in touch with customers over emails wasn’t as effective anymore. This led to a notable decline in customer engagement and conversion rates.

Being aware of mobile apps taking over the world of eCommerce, they were looking to expand their customer base with a top-notch mobile app to:

  • Build a sales channel with higher conversion rates
  • Offer an enhanced shopping experience to their customers
  • Streamline and optimize the store’s engagement with their customers
  • Increase the repeat purchase rate
  • Turn visitors into loyal shoppers by offering a personalized shopping journey

Convinced that a mobile app was the key to achieving their goals, Negative Apparel initially worried about finding a mobile app builder to meet their specific needs. Their exploration led them to Shopney, distinguished by its superior user interface, rich feature set, ease of use, and commitment to growth. These attributes dissolved their initial concerns, confirming Shopney as the ideal choice for delivering an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

That’s when they started seeking solutions to make online shopping for mobile consumers easier and began researching building an eCommerce mobile app.

Shopney has transformed our business, creating a new revenue stream with exclusive app-only deals and products, boosting user engagement, and the team's support was crucial to our success.
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To help Negative Apparel boost their conversion rate and generate more sales, we opted to deliver that through a mobile app aligned with their brand.

Building an on-brand mobile app

Negative Apparel were able to synchronize their store data in real-time by installing our intuitive no-code mobile app builder, Shopney, with their Shopify store.

Our success team ensured building a 100% on-brand mobile app for Negative Apparel that is completely aligned with the brand's essence, including customizable design elements like fonts, colors, logos, and images, matching their Shopify store aesthetics to ensure brand consistency for their audience. The mobile app is enhanced with an exceptional UI, superior functionality, and improved performance, elevating the user experience.

Take a look at the side-by-side images showcasing Negative Apparel on both the mobile site and Shopney mobile app. The mobile app's UI outshines the mobile site in terms of attractiveness, ease of use, and overall quality. A crucial prerequisite in increasing conversion rate and driving sales.

home page of Negative Apparel on Mobile app vs mobile web app
Product page of Negative Apparel on Mobile app vs mobile web app
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Displaying product recommendations

After setting up Negative Apparel's app to their sole requirement, we decided to take a step forward and enhance the mobile shopping experience by displaying personalized product recommendations such as best-sellers, newest arrivals, featured, and related items to:

  • Increase mobile app engagement
  • Increase customer retention
  • Enhance product discovery
  • Increase average order value (AOV)
  • Drive more sales and repeat purchases
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Establishing conversion features

As we proceeded, our success team focused on establishing the essential elements needed to drive success. This included implementing key features such as multi-language and currency support, among others, to enhance the mobile app and increase conversion rates at every stage of the customer's journey.

  • In-app chat - We established custom automation via our integrated chat feature to streamline the shopping experience for Negative Apparel customers. This tool not only serves as a direct channel to stay in touch with customers effectively but also provides shoppers with quick access to assistance and product details. it enables the brand to guide customers toward checkout with personalized recommendations.
  • in-app chat page of Negative Apparel on Mobile app
  • Push notifications - To boost sales and minimize cart abandonment, we established automated push notifications that have been critical in helping Negative Apparel get the right kind of engagement and visibility. With rich push notifications, especially abandoned cart notifications, they were able to save a lot of lost sales, hence increasing their revenue.
  • example of push notifications from Negative Apparel
  • Integrations - Understanding the significance of integrations for enhancing mobile app functionality and UX, Negative Apparel aimed for seamless data exchange between its app and other platforms to target relevant traffic effectively. In response, Shopney facilitated this by integrating with key tools that Negative Apparel frequently uses, notably Shopify Search & Discovery enabling instant product discovery to help the customers find the right items, plus offering product recommendations to boost product relevance and increase sales. And Back-in-stock notifications to ensure their customers can order directly from the store when products become available again.
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Results - The Shopney Effect

Leveraging the provided tools and resources effectively, Negative Apparel experienced exceptional performance with their Shopney mobile app which quickly became a key sales channel. In no time, the brand saw a swift expansion in its user base and achieved higher conversion rates.

Investing in building an app with Shopney has paid off for the brand, leading to a doubling of ROI. This shows the value of utilizing Shopney for better performance and profitability.

Key Takeaways – growth was supercharged!
  • After launching their app, they could attract a community of over 45,000 people in just two months.
  • They hold the 3rd position in the shopping category on the App Store in Pakistan.
  • They were able to manage a catalog of more than 3000 SKUs which makes them the biggest Western apparel mobile app in Pakistan.
  • They witnessed a 30% increase in revenue on the mobile app compared to the mobile web.
  • They achieved a 26% increase in conversion rate on the mobile app compared to the mobile web.
Two mobile app images that shows some clothes and a 20% discount
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