Choose Shopney over Tapcart for premium support, flat rates, and higher ROI!

Maximize mobile app profit with flat pricing, and feature-rich plans without commissions. Benefit from unmatched 1:1 support and a high-converting app designed to grow your Shopify business.

Why Shopney is the smarter choice over Tapcart

Hello to Premium Experience

Top-notch mobile app for all business sizes and industries
Great features across all plans, at a more affordable price
Proactive, high-quality and personalized support

Goodbye to Frustration

High base prices for building and managing a mobile app
Increased costs by success fees cutting into your revenue
Slow, insufficient support costing you by long wait times


Don’t limit your revenue with success fees

Choose Shopney for growth without limits! We make sure success fees and commissions don't cut into your earnings, so your business can grow freely.

With Shopney, you get more than an app; you secure ongoing growth for your brand without financial burdens. Unlike Tapcart, which charges success fees on top of higher base prices, Shopney offers flat rates, ensuring your profit remains unaffected by hidden costs.

graph showing increasing cost of TAPCART due to commissions
happy customer photos and clock icon representing 5 mins response time of Shopney support team


Proactive support, available 24/7

Shopney redefines customer support, providing not just assistance but a foundation for success. Our service goes beyond the standard chat and email, focusing on your needs to grow every step of the way.

Our mobile commerce experts work hand-in-hand with you to convert your Shopify store into an engaging mobile app. From the initial setup to post-sales, we're with you, offering personalized guidance to ensure your business's growth and success.


Tailor-made designs for all sectors

Understanding the importance of design in mobile commerce, we provide specially tailored themes designed to enhance user interaction and boost conversion rates.

With the option to customize your app with a theme that seamlessly aligns with your branding and sector, you can build a user interface that is not only visually appealing but also highly effective in converting visitors into customers!

theme options of Shopney mobile app builder
the owner of Bella All Natural
The exceptional customer support at Shopney is what made me switch from another app builder. When anything was unclear, they would go above and beyond to help me understand. Setup was fast and easy, and the dashboard itself is easy to use. I'm more than happy I switched apps and the increase in my sales proves Shopney was the right choice.
the logo of Bella All Natural

Why Pay More for Less?

For a sample Shopify store generating $1.2 million annually, choosing Shopney for building a mobile app means getting more benefits at the same cost as Tapcart. See how the two compare.

* Prices and features have been sourced from Tapcart’s official website.

Building a mobile app with Shopney

Platinum Plan at $599/month, flat rate, without any commissions
Unlimited design elements, allowing the use of as many as desired
Scheduled design elements for automating the UI updates
Unlimited push notifications: rich media, scheduled, new user, back in stock, abandoned cart, and segmented
28 integrations available in the plan; all can be utilized, there is no limit

Building a mobile app with Tapcart

Core Plan ranges from $599-$1000/month, increasing due to success fees
Limited design blocks, restricted to up to 15 design blocks at most
Scheduled design blocks are available only in higher plans
Only rich media and scheduled push notifications; other types are accessible in higher plans
23 integrations available in the plan; with a limitation of integrating with only 3

Migrate your app from Tapcart in just a week

Day 1 icon
Design, recreate
and preview your app
Day 5 icon
Launch without
losing prior app users
Day 7 icon
Get first sales
through the new app


Retain Your Users, Data, and Customer Insights

During migration, you won't lose your existing app users; you can transfer your entire user base seamlessly. Your app store presence, including reviews and download statistics, will remain unchanged.

Rest assured that all customer data will be secured in compliance with GDPR regulations, safeguarding valuable customer information from any potential loss during the migration process.

mobile app migration from TAPCART Apps to Shopney
The top rated
mobile app builder for
Shopify and Shopify Plus Logos with 5-Star icon representing Shopney’s rating on Shopify App Store
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more mobile conversion rate


more customer engagement


increase in mobile app revenue

Discover Touché's boost in sales and conversions
with Shopney's Mobile App!

Read the case study

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See what we are all about in 55 seconds!


Powerful no-code mobile app builder

With Shopney's Design Editor, you have advanced control over your home, product listing, product detail, cart, and checkout pages, effortlessly shaping the UI for an optimized customer experience.

Compared to Tapcart’s design tool, Shopney’s Design Editor is easy to use, offering a simple drag-and-drop function to create your brand's mobile app effortlessly along with the ability to preview the design changes.

User interface of a Shopney mobile app and QR code representing App-Preview feature of Shopney
Different UI's of apps built with TAPCART and Shopney

Ready to switch from Tapcart to Shopney?

Get started with the top-rated Shopify mobile app builder and the best Tapcart alternative today to enjoy:

  • Free migration and app setup
  • Extensive feature set at better prices
  • 24/7 proactive customer support
  • 1:1 calls with mobile experts
  • Premium tools and guides for growth
  • No commissions, no revenue cap

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and migration.

Will I lose my existing app users when I migrate?
No, you can migrate with all your user base. None will be lost.
How long will it take to migrate to Shopney?
The migration to Shopney will be completed and your app will be live in less than 5 days.
Will I lose my app’s data (reviews, download number, etc.) during the migration?
No, your data and app store presence will be preserved.
Will I lose any customer data during the migration?
No, all customer data will be securely preserved in compliance with GDPR.
Will I pay any success fees or commissions?
No, Shopney does not charge any success fees or commissions.
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