Chapter 2: Mobile Commerce

Shopify Merchant’s Bedside Book - Mobile Commerce

If you think your mobile website is enough to keep you ahead in the mobile world, think twice! Top Shopify experts say you must shape each brand experience you offer around mobile. Learn how in this eBook for free!

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Mobile commerce is more than a mobile optimized website!

  • You may believe that you are maximizing your mobile sales potential with a website. Before you decide, check out this ebook!
  • Impressive mobile commerce stats and facts showing the impact of effective app commerce strategies on your Shopify business.
  • Gain insights into the latest mobile commerce tips, tactics, and strategies from top experts in the Shopify ecosystem. These experts have supported thousands of stores with their technologies and services.
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A page of Shopify Merchant's Bedside Book - Mobile Commerce section that includes top benefits of an app for a Shopify brand
A page of Shopify Merchant's Bedside Book - Mobile Commerce section that includes benefits of native apps
A page of Shopify Merchant's Bedside Book - Mobile Commerce section that tells how an app increase loyalty
A page of Shopify Merchant's Bedside Book - Mobile Commerce section that tells cost and launch time of a mobile app
Boost your Shopify conversion rate up to 5x with this mobile commerce strategies.
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A glimpse of valuable stats and insights


Amazon customers spend 5.5x more time on the mobile app than on the mobile website.


In 2022, mobile apps have 2.4X more orders in app vs desktop + mobile web combined.


Mobile apps increase repeat customer rates up to 75% more than mobile websites.
Amos Shacham, CEO of BOA Ideas
Amos Shacham


Managed numerous projects with a decade of international business experience, lead of numerous successful projects.

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Murat Kaya, Marketing Director of Shopney
Murat Kaya

Marketing Director

Combining creativity and an analytical approach to support Shopney's global expansion through marketing.

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Vanhi Bhargava, Founder of Contensify
Vanhi Bhargava


Works with startups and SaaS to help them establish their inbound marketing engine to build topical authority.

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Questions you will find answers to in this eBook

Find the best answers to most asked mobile commerce questions. All of the questions below and many more!

How can I improve my mobile commerce strategies?
What are the KPIs for mobile commerce?
What are the top benefits of mobile app for a Shopify brand?
What does it actually take to build a mobile app?
How can a Shopify agency help with online store merchandising?
What is a Shopify merchant's mobile commerce checklist?
What is a Shopify tech partners' role in mobile commerce?
Is your brand a good fit to build a mobile app?
What are the challenges after building a mobile app and solutions to them?
How can I check if my mobile commerce strategy is successful?
Get the pro tips and insights to master mobile commerce in 2023
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