Chapter 3: Localization

Shopify Merchant’s Bedside Book - Localization

To unlock your brand's complete market share potential, it's essential to tailor your shopping experience to local preferences. This free ebook will give you the most effective tactics and must-known strategies from Shopify experts.

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You can’t internationalize your brand correctly without a successful localization!

  • You may think that you maximized revenue with internationalization. But have you localized your brand properly? Check out this ebook to make sure!
  • Insightful localization stats and facts will help you to understand the true significance of localization for your Shopify business.
  • Check the ultimate localization checklist prepared by Shopify experts to localize your brand in most effective and profitable way!
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A page of Shopify Merchant's Bedside Book - Merchandising section that includes the top benefits of merchandising
A page of Shopify Merchant's Bedside Book - Merchandising section that includes impressive stats about merchandising
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Grow 2X faster than your competitors with perfectly localized store.
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A glimpse of valuable stats and insights


Around 78% of consumers prefer to purchase products in their native language.


During BFCM 2022, 15% of all orders made on Shopify were cross-border ones.


eCommerce sites that localize currencies on the product pages see 40% increase in conversion rates.
Roberto Aresena, Co-founder and CEO at Orbe
Roberto Aresena

Co-founder & CEO

Shopify web developer and Orbe co-founder. Expert in creating compelling localized web experiences for multi-store expansion.

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Esat Bilir, Co-founder and CTO at Shopney
Esat Bilir

Co-founder & CTO

In charge of tech and development, he is an absolute eCommerce-head. Doing his best to make mobile commerce better!

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David Buxeda, Co-founder & CEO at Fik
David Buxeda

Co-founder & CEO

Shopify expert with years of experience in eCommerce. Now as the CEO at Fik, he helps high-growth merchants achieve their goals.

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Kate Starovoytova, Marketing Specialist at Langshop
Kate Starovoytova

Managing Director

Marketing specialist helps Shopify merchants to optimize their localization strategy through Langshop.

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Questions you will find answers to in this eBook

Find the best answers to most asked localization questions. All of the questions below and many more!

What is localizing your eCommerce store?
What are the top benefits of localizing your Shopify store?
How can you increase sale by leveraging localization?
What does it actually take to utilize a multi-language tool?
What are the challenges of localization and solutions to them?
What Is a tech partner’s role in localization?
Is your brand ready to start localizing cross-border experiences?
How to improve user experience with localization?
What is an agency's role in localization?
How can I check if my localization strategy is successful?
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