Effective Push Notifications & Best Practices For Shopify

Push notification is the most powerful marketing tool for eCommerce. Well, do you know how to leverage it most effectively? This free eBook will give you the actionable insights, tips and tactics to boost sales and engagement with push notifications.

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Push notifications mean nothing without high open rates. Learn how to increase open & conversion rate!

  • You may believe that you are sending push notifications in the most effective way possible. First, check this ebook!
  • You will find out the secrets of sending relevant push notifications at the right time to the right audience!
  • The points to prevent push notifications from being disturbing will help you engage customers without annoying them.
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Save 50% of your marketing ad spend by using push notifications effectively. Learn how!
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A glimpse of valuable stats and insights


Well-crafted push notifications increase app engagement by up to 88%, resulting in higher user retention and conversion rates.


Businesses that effectively utilize push notifications experience 30% higher open rates compared to other forms of communication.


52% of mobile users stated that well-timed push notifications influenced their purchasing decisions positively.

Questions you will find answers to in this eBook

Find the best answers to most asked push notification questions. All of the questions below and many more!

How can I improve my push notification strategy?
What are the tips to write effective push notifications?
What are the best practices for sending push notifications that convert more?
How to decrease marketing ad spend by using push notifications?
What are the different types of push notifications?
What are the impressive statistics about push notifications?
How to prevent push notifications from being disturbing?
How to create fear of missing out on your push notifications?
How to use customer history to send more personalized push notifications?
How to win back customers with push notifications?
Get the most effective push notification tips and learn the best practices to convert more users!
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