Black Friday 2023: How to keep your Shopify store away from brutal competition?

Facing the intense BFCM competition? Discover how to maximize sales while minimizing marketing ad spend during Black Friday. Dive into our FREE eBook, brimming with expert strategies to give you the upper hand!

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The real winners of BFCM do not even compete. Learn how!

  • Can you spend more money on paid ads than Amazon? If not, you must read the tips in this ebook to stay ahead during BFCM without relying on paid advertisements.
  • During the intense BFCM competition, there is a risk of becoming invisible. This ebook will teach you effective strategies to implement without requiring big amount of marketing budget.
  • Impressive stats that demonstrate the importance of leveraging mobile commerce during BFCM.
A page of BFCM ebook for Shopify merchants that includes BFCM tips
A page of BFCM ebook for Shopify merchants that includes tips to increase sales and decrease marketing ad spend
A page of the BFCM ebook for Shopify merchants that include an impressive data
A page of BFCM ebook for Shopify merchants that include strategies to stay ahead of competition
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The ebook cover about how to stay away BFCM competition in 2023 for Shopify merchants
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A glimpse of valuable stats and insights


On BFCM 2022, Shopney mobile apps received 7.5x more orders per session than mobile websites.


Mobile sales increased significantly, accounting for 55% of online sales on Thanksgiving and 51% of sales during BFCM.


During BFCM 2022, 76% of consumers shopped online or in store. This was an increase from 70% in 2021.

Questions you will find answers to in this eBook

Find the best answers to most asked how to stay away from BFCM competition questions. All of the questions below and many more!

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How to increase customer retention & loyalty with a mobile app?
What are the impressive statistics about BFCM?
Learn how to stay away from brutal BFCM competition in 2023
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