The best mobile app builder for Shopify brands in Canada

Want to create a brand that stands out from the 5,000+ eCommerce businesses in Canada? It’s time to convert your Shopify store into a mobile app and take shopping to your customers' fingertips.

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Why convert your Shopify store into a mobile app?

The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing across industries with platforms like Shopify making it simple to set up an online store - and so is the competition for consumer attention.

  • Canada is the 11th largest market for eCommerce
  • eCommerce revenue is expected to show a CAGR of 6.3%
  • 10,000 ads targeted at online shoppers
  • 60% increase in customer acquisition costs


Mobile apps convert 4-5x better than mobile websites by offering a superior mobile shopping experience.


Push notifications cut your customer acquisition costs in half by giving you a direct promotional channel.


Open a new sales channel for your brand and double the ROI on campaigns for higher revenue and profits.

How does an eCommerce mobile app help Shopify brands in Canada?

Offering the best of products and discounts is no longer enough for eCommerce businesses to succeed. When you convert your Shopify store to a mobile app, you create a brand differentiator that leads to:

  • Higher brand recall and stickiness
  • Improved personalization of experiences
  • Direct marketing communications
  • Increased mobile conversion rates
  • Boost in customer retention and loyalty
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Brands in Canada that use Shopney to convert Shopify store into a mobile app

Brands in Canada have found the answer to ‘how to convert Shopify website into app’ and are building professional-looking native apps on iOS and Android for their eCommerce business using Shopney.

Mobile app pages of Bella All Natural

"The entire process with Shopney was a breeze. We realized the true potential of our community with a mobile app!"

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Mobile app pages of Touche Prive fashion brand

"Shopney has an excellent support and technology. Our mobile app became our growth engine in the last 2 years."

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This is hands down the best app out there! From the modern design; to the seamless integration with our Shopify store and the friendly and helpful customer service.
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Why is Shopney the best mobile app builder for Shopify brands in Canada?

Shopney is built keeping in mind the capabilities of what Shopify offers to online stores and what a brand needs to scale its eCommerce business online. So you can convert Shopify website into an app in minutes!

Powerful design editor

A drag-and-drop editor that you can use to design or customize every page of your mobile app. Convert Shopify into an app, preview the layout, and test the experience before going live all from one dashboard!

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Customizable app themes

From different inventory sizes to photography styles, we give you 8 theme options and user interface layouts. We have the answers on how to create an app for your Shopify store - the smallest of details!

Owned marketing channel

Get your message across faster and keep customers engaged with powerful push notification automation. Cut through the digital noise and get higher ROI from your marketing campaigns!

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Enhanced customer experiences

We help you convert a Shopify website into mobile apps that are easy to interact and engage with, enhancing the brand experience you offer to customers. With features like in-app chat, you can strike new conversations and offer proactive customer support to help customers make informed purchase decisions.

International selling capability

Converting your Shopify store into a mobile app is not enough. We go the extra mile to help your Canadian brand sell globally with advanced features!

  • Shopify Markets
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • App localization

…and more!

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Powerful integrations

A well-integrated technology stack is important for growing a brand online and so we built robust integrations with the best Shopify apps to ensure you never lose out on opportunities.

Extensive learning resources

Just getting started, running a business already, or scaling your brand in and beyond Canada? We have all the resources you need on how to convert your Shopify store into a mobile app and grow your business.

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Ebooks
  • Support Articles
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Proactive customer support

Our Canada based customer support and success team is always around to help you resolve every little query that can help you succeed in converting Shopify website to a mobile app and see AppCommerce success. We’re 24/7 available via:

  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Live chat
  • Zoom
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Shopney is the best mobile app builder for Shopify brands in Canada

f you have been looking for the best Shopify experts in Canada to turn your online store into a mobile app, see why brands choose Shopney.

Fast support, really helpful! Best way to quickly get your own store app! I would recommend Shopify store owners to give it a try, it's really good!
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Awesome Shopify mobile app builder. Customer service was fantastic at onboarding us and making sure we had everything set-up properly! Thank you guys!
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It's been over 2 years with Shopney. Definitely the best working mobile app builder for Shopify. We look forward to seeing how it gets even better!
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How do we build mobile apps for Shopify stores in Canada?

Your search for the best mobile app builder for Shopify stores in Canada ends here.

Built using the latest technology and industry best practices, Shopify stores in Canada love Shopney’s no-code mobile app builder for their brands.

2000+ brands and 800+ five-star reviews

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