Shopify BFCM Discounting Strategies to Increase App Sales (2023)

Shopify BFCM Discounting Strategies to Increase App Sales (2023)

In our last post, we delved deep into the essentials of preparing your mobile app for the bustling BFCM shopping season.

Today, we're focusing on a crucial aspect that can make or break your sales—strategically planned BFCM discounts.

BFCM is well-known for its heavy discounts and irresistible deals…

But the question arises: How can you carve out a strategy that not only leverages these discounts but also maximizes your app sales during this crazy weekend?

Moreover, what are the different types of offers that would resonate well with your Shopify store?

Let's take a look!

Recap: What is BFCM?

BFCM, or "Black Friday Cyber Monday," spans the weekend that includes both Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving.

This period witnesses a surge in online purchases, with retailers rolling out substantial discounts and promotions to fuel the shopping spree, and is nothing short of a goldmine for Shopify stores, accounting for a significant chunk of their annual sales.

Shoppers ardently anticipate this season each year, ready to snag the best deals. To put things into perspective, Shopify witnessed a staggering revenue of $6.3 billion during the BFCM sales in 2021 alone!

When is BFCM 2023?

Mark your calendars!

BFCM will start on 24th November 2023 and last till 28th November 2023- three critical days where Shopify stores like you can enjoy once-in-a-year traffic and massive revenues -yes, even with a solid discounting.

In the next section, we'll share a BFCM checklist you can quickly note and implement!

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Types of BFCM Discounts You Can Set Up to Increase Your App Sales

While there is no one way to create Shopify BFCM discounting strategies, here are some we recommend experimenting with to draw online shoppers to your eCommerce app:

1. App Exclusive % Discount

Offering a percentage-based discount exclusively for app users is a great way to incentivize app downloads and encourage users to make their first purchase.

You can send in-app notifications and emails to announce a discount on all items purchased through the app.

2. App Exclusive $ Discount

A fixed dollar amount off on purchases made through the app provides immediate value and is easy for customers to understand- no time wasted spending on how much 10% or 15% on different products means.

For example, you can share a discount on orders above $50 and promote this through push notifications, emails, and social media!

3. Early Access to BFCM Discounts

Your customers know BFCM weekend is coming.

By providing early access to BFCM deals for existing app users, you can reward their loyalty and create buzz before the general sale starts!

Ensure you send personalized emails or in-app messages to loyal customers, and create a section on your app offering them a sneak peek at your BFCM deals.

4. Free Shipping with App Purchases

Can't do heavy discounting this year? We understand.

Instead, you can collaborate with your logistics partner to facilitate free shipping for orders placed through the app.

Amplify this offer by introducing a minimum purchase threshold to avail free shipping, encouraging users to add more items to their cart.

Remember to highlight the free shipping offer prominently within the app, through personalized alerts, and all your marketing channels.

5. Free Gifts with App Purchases

This is another way to delight your customers during BFCM without any discounts- by including a free gift for any orders made through the app!

A free gift adds an unexpected delight factor, encouraging higher spends.

You can also offer a selection of gifts for customers to choose from based on their purchase value, adding a personalized touch to their shopping experience.

BFCM discount samples

6. Buy More, Get More Discounts in the App

What if you want to do a more strategic discounting strategy? Try creating a tiered discount system based on the purchase amount!

This will encourage bulk purchases and increase the average order value, like our previous tip.

For example, you can set up a tiered discount structure like- 10% off on $50, 20% off on $100, and so on!

You can also connect this with your loyalty program, where your customers can accumulate points during BFCM to redeem later, fostering repeat orders.

7. Phased Flash BFCM Discounts

This discounting method is excellent because it creates urgency and encourages impulse buying - no BFCM shopper wants to miss out on a limited-time deal!

You can use countdown timers and short + FOMO inciting push notifications to inform users about your flash sales.

8. VIP Customer Discounts

Want to make your customers feel really special?

Create special discounts for customers who have made multiple purchases previously.

By rewarding loyalty, you will encourage repeat purchases on your app for a long time- and they might even remember you next year to check on what you have for them!

9. Upsell and Cross-Sell

Offering a related or complementary product at checkout maximizes the value of each transaction.

That's also when your customer trusts you the most on your app's shopping journey.

Use a trusted AI algorithm to suggest related products based on the user's shopping cart for better results!

10. Bundle Discounts

Bundling discounts is another great way to increase your average product value and increase product discovery across your catalog!

You can also introduce themed bundles, which groups products based on a specific theme or occasion, making it an excellent and easy option for customers looking for gifting opportunities.

Feature bundle deals prominently on the app's homepage, product page, and especially your cart page, and communicate the value your customer receives by bundling by visually showing the money they'll save by bundling.

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Pro Tips: Maximize Your Shopify BFCM Sales

While you optimize your shopping funnel, product, cart and checkout pages, here are a few ways you can encourage shoppers to purchase from you:

1. Multiple Delivery Options

Offering local delivery and Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) features adds convenience and can increase the average order value. Integrate these options into your app's checkout process!

2. One Click Checkout

A fast checkout process to reduce cart abandonment streamlines the buying process, leading to higher conversions.

Offer a 1-click checkout option with multiple payment gateways like Apple Pay and PayPal to reduce friction and checkout anxiety.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery Through Emails, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

It's not uncommon for shoppers to get distracted, leaving their carts abandoned midway.

Remember- your competitors will also be sending multiple push notifications with lucrative offers. But all is not lost - don’t leave money on the table by not reaching out.

Instead, engage and convert potential customers through a robust Abandoned Cart Recovery strategy.

Utilize Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp Marketing to craft personalized, engaging messages and remind them of the product(s) they left behind.

A gentle, personalized reminder can transform a forgotten cart into a successful sale, enhancing your customer retention and boosting your bottom line.

How Shopney Can Help Your Store During BFCM?

Strategically planning your BFCM discounts is not just about boosting sales; it's about creating a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

By offering the right mix of discounts and incentives, you can maximize revenue while ensuring profitability.

Need help planning your app discounts for BFCM? We're here to assist you every step of the way!

Reach out to our team, and let's make BFCM 2023 the best yet!