The Importance of Merchandising on Your Shopify Mobile App

The Importance of Merchandising on Your Shopify Mobile App

Mobile eCommerce app revenue reached $3.56 trillion in 2021. It is impressive but not a surprising number since shoppers prefer the easiest-to-use platforms to shop and they are mobile apps in today’s world. 

If you want to be one of the mobile apps that shoppers open & check again and again during the day, we are here to give you the tips that you need to achieve that.

You can give them a great reason to choose your brand for shopping with a high-quality mobile app that you merchandise very well.

With the right mobile app merchandising strategies, you can get the right products in front of the right customers. Besides, you can make the shoppers come to your store again by providing an enjoyable experience.

In this article, we wanted you to learn all the details regarding Shopify mobile app merchandising to make sure you can provide what your customers want in the best way and make them check your app regularly. Let’s go!

Overview of Shopify Mobile App Merchandising

To understand the concept of Shopify mobile app merchandising, first we should look at eCommerce merchandising and Shopify store merchandising.

1. What is eCommerce Merchandising?

eCommerce merchandising

eCommerce merchandising is the intentional promotion, displaying, and product selling activities that you implement in your store. On the other hand, if you implement these promotional activities outside of the store to make shoppers enter your store, it is marketing.

For instance, the design of your online store, the theme you chose, the user experience you provide, or the promotions you offer in the store are eCommerce merchandising activities.

eCommerce merchandising activities are so crucial since they directly affect whether the shoppers would prefer your online store to shop or not. This means, you can increase or decrease your sales with your eCommerce merchandising strategies.

To learn more about eCommerce merchandising, check our article.

2. What is Shopify Store Merchandising?

Shopify store merchandising is the whole product selling activity in the Shopify store. It includes designing, in-store promotions, pricing, and the whole user experience.

You should provide an easy user experience from the entrance of the app to check out. Your customer should be able to find what they are looking for easily. In this way, they can turn into more loyal and engaged users.

As one of the most significant parts of the designing process, you should choose the best layout option for your Shopify store. Shopify has many theme options that you can pick the best one for your store including free and paid ones.

Another crucial point is the speed of your store website. If the loading speed of your Shopify store is low, your bounce rate could be higher. Also, shoppers would not want to visit your Shopify store again because of the bad experience.

3. What is Shopify Mobile App Merchandising?

mobile app merchandising illustration

Shopify mobile app merchandising is all the activities that you implement to promote or sell in your Shopify mobile app.

The whole points we mentioned under Shopify store merchandising are also significant for Shopify mobile app merchandising. Besides, there are other points that you should consider specifically for your Shopify mobile app.

Your mobile app is the sales channel that your most loyal customers use. And it is a fact that the most loyal customers are the ones who spend the most. That means if you merchandise this channel well, you can increase your revenue easily.

In the next section, we have mentioned all the Shopify mobile app merchandising activities that you should implement. Let’s check!

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Shopify Mobile App Merchandising Tricks

1. Choose the Perfect Fit Theme

What are the mobile app themes?: Shopney themes are the templates that our merchants use on their mobile eCommerce stores.

The aim is presenting your brand image, product image type, inventory size, and other characteristics in the best way.

What are the benefits of mobile app themes?: Presentation is the most significant point to stand out in the eCommerce world since it is the ultimate way to attract customers. No one would click on your products if they are not presented impressively.

That is why you should present your products in the best proper way by using impressive product images and the perfect-fitting theme for these images. In other words, you need a store layout optimization.  

Shopney provides 8 different theme options with you and it is a unique feature that other Shopify mobile app builders do not provide. We believe it is one of the most significant mobile app builder features since it directly affects whether you can present your products impressively or not.

We want to make sure you choose the most fitting theme for your store type. In this way, you can achieve one of the most important steps to merchandise your Shopify store effectively.

2. Use In-App Message

in-app-message for mobile app merchandising

What is In-App Message?: In-app messages are messages delivered to your mobile app users while they are active in your mobile app.

What are the Benefits of in-App Message?: One of the main keys to having great store merchandising is to make customers feel that they are your main priority and you are there for them if they have any problems & questions. Using in-app messages is the best way to create this feeling with mobile app users.

With in-app messages, you can build constant contact with customers, increase trust, and provide a personalized experience. For instance, you can answer customers’ potential questions before they ask, or you can offer discounts and other promotions, etc. In this way, you can make them feel special and increase loyalty.

3. Renew Your Showcase Regularly

What is Mobile App Showcase?: Showcase is the specific mobile app store page that allows your brand to promote specific products to your mobile app users.

What are the Benefits of Mobile App Showcase?: You can offer a more joyful experience to your customers by renewing your showcase regularly. Or you can change your showcase design on special days with the proper concept.

For instance, renewing your showcase during Black Friday could attract more customers since they will know that you have the Black Friday discounts. In this way, your customers can observe new designs in your mobile app from time to time and it is a great reason to visit your app regularly.

4. Use Countdown Timer

What is Countdown Timer?: It is the virtual clock that you can put on your mobile app landing page generally. It counts down from a certain date to specify the ending of an event or promotion.

What are the Benefits of Countdown Timer?: Countdown timers are perfect elements for an effective merchandising strategy since you can create fear of missing out and attract customers. You can create discount campaigns for certain products & collections, specify a limited time period and make mobile app users the purchase due to the urgency feeling that you have created.  

Shopney provides a countdown timer for your mobile app so you can make your products more valuable than they actually are. Also, you can create scarcity, motivate them to buy at the moment without postponing their purchase decision, and also makes them feel lucky.

5. Promote Mobile App- Exclusive Discounts

mobile app exclusive discount

What are Mobile App- Exclusive Discounts?: They are the discounts that only valid for the shopping activities on your mobile app. You can provide them by using discount codes.

What are the Benefits of Mobile App- Exclusive Discounts?: Mobile app exclusive discounts are the perfect motivations to make shoppers download your mobile app.

And for the users who already downloaded your mobile app, you can make them feel more special as mobile app users and increase customer engagement. Moreover, you can make these discounts time-limited, create FOMO and increase your sales!

6. Use the My Account Element

What is My Account Element?: My account is the element that combines all the history of shoppers which includes their favorites, recently viewed items, orders, addresses, and account info.

What are the Benefits of My Account Element?: My account element has a special place in mobile apps since they provide a much easier user experience with the customers.

So, it motivates shoppers to use the mobile app since they don’t have to fill out all this information again and since it provides a personalized experience. In this way, you can increase customer trust & loyalty and repeat sales accordingly.

7. Create Sub-Collections

What are Sub-Collections?: Sub-collections are the sub-categories of collections that you create to provide a better UI and UX.

What are the Benefits of Sub-Collections?: If you have a big inventory, creating sub-collections is almost an obligation to provide easy navigation with the customers. That means it is a crucial point in the proper mobile app merchandising.

You can provide an easy customer experience and prevent customers’ confusion by organizing products under subcategories. If you sell many kinds of shoes, you can create sub-collections for different kinds of shoes. For instance, you can create a ‘Stilettos’ category under the shoe collection.

If mobile app users are having hard times when searching for the product they are looking for, why would they use your mobile app? You should always remember that the main aim of using mobile apps is having the easiest shopping experience for the customers.

If you can provide the best user experience, shoppers would prefer to use your mobile app and you can boost your sales!

8. Make Your Payment Options Visible

eCommerce payment illustration

What is Visible Payment Options?: Visible payment options means making clear that every payment option that you provide with the customers for all products.

What are the Benefits of Visible Payment Options?: Check-out is the hardest part of the shopping journey for most customers psychologically. So, you should make it as easy as possible to prevent shoppers’ confusion regarding the payment.

Besides, customers need to trust the payment options to make sure that there won’t be any security issues during the checkout. That is why it is crucial to make your payment options visible and make the shoppers believe that your payment process is completely secured.

Also, some customers might have certain preferences regarding payment. For instance, some shoppers might want to use Apple Pay as a shopping habit to pay for the product. If they can see this payment option among your payment options, it could motivate them to the payment. In this way, you can decrease the abandoned cart rate.

9. Use Product Videos

What are Product Videos?: They are the videos that you can display in your mobile app with the aim of showing the details of the product and mentioning the benefits of it.

What are the Benefits of Product Videos?: In this digital world, videos are the ultimate ways to attract Internet users. You can take advantage of these online user habits by using product videos & gifts in your Shopify store.

Besides, you can show all the details of your products in the videos and erase the question marks from customers’ minds about the products. In this way, you can increase customer trust and Shopify conversion rate!

As you know, generation Z is a growing customer base for your Shopify store, and the best way to attract their attention is using videos.

Shopney provides you product videos to make sure you engage with your customers more in as many ways as possible.

10. Provide Wishlist

wishlist illustration

What is Wishlist?: It is the place where customers save the products that they are interested in. So, they can find them easily later without losing time to search for them.

What are the Benefits of Wishlist?: Providing a wishlist feature is one of the greatest advantages you can have as an online store owner. The reason is simple, you are having a storage that you can remind the customers of the items they liked or wanted to purchase before.

In other words, it is a section where customers can check all the items they liked before. So, it is highly possible that they decided to purchase an item from the wishlist section. It is a place that actualizes the customers’ purchase intentions real!

Besides, mobile app users can find their favorite items easily in one place without browsing the store again. It saves a lot of “browsing” time on a smaller screen. So, you can offer a better user experience and easy navigation. That is why the wishlist feature is crucial for mobile app merchandising.

11. Use Social Proof

social proof for mobile app merchandising

What is Social Proof?: It is the psychological phenomenon that people copy others' actions by believing if most people act in that way, it should be right.  

What are the Benefits of Social Proof?: Social proof is one of the most effective ways to convince customers that your product is worth paying for and purchasing. Most customers check the reviews about a product before they purchase it and if there are no reviews, they might find other platforms to shop that they can check the reviews.

This is a natural behavior since shoppers are influenced by others’ acts and copy them, thinking they are correct. Many customers believe that if other customers who bought the product before liked it, it is highly possible that they might like it too. It is natural since they do not have the chance to try the products before they buy them in the online world.

Besides, social proof is a way to show shoppers whether your Shopify store is popular or not. To increase the popularity of your Shopify store, you can use testimonials, reviews, etc.

Shopney is integrated with the most popular Shopify apps such as, Growave, Yotpo, and Stamped to make sure you use the power of social proof in the best way in your mobile app merchandising strategy.

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Final Thoughts

In this mobile centric world, to provide the best mobile experience with your users, you should merchandise your mobile app in the best way.

If you want to learn the most effective mobile app merchandising tips, we mentioned them above in detail. Shopney, as the best Shopify mobile app builder, provides you with all the features that you need for these tricks above.

Remember, it is not enough to have a mobile app for your Shopify store. You need to have the one that provides the best user experience with its great features for merchandising.

If you don’t have a mobile app yet, check why you need a mobile app and learn how to turn your Shopify store into a mobile app with Shopney!

Then, start your 30 days free trial from here.

Have all the features to create the best mobile app merchandising strategies that we mentioned above, provide an enjoyable shopping journey and make the customers visit your store again and again!