Top eCommerce Trends 2021: Every Shopify Merchant Should Know

Top eCommerce Trends 2021: Every Shopify Merchant Should Know

2020 was a year that every single person on earth learned something new: COVID-19. It changed, effected and slowed down many things. But there is one significant thing that it accelerated. It's eCommerce!

Did you know that in the US, coronavirus catapulted five years of growth into six months? The data is from very notable US Census Bureau. You can assume that COVID-19 put eCommerce to a time machine, sent it 5 years future forward and brought it back.

The adoption of eCommerce has grown immensely. This just means opportunity! Nothing else. Only if you know the trends and act accordingly. Moreover, if you run an eCommerce business then you will want to have it compliant with the latest trends in the market, won't you?

Then, this article will provide you what you should know to keep your business ahead of the game!

It is estimated that the number of smart speaker users will rise to 18% by 2021. And, about 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020, per Gartner. These two stats gives some clues on the rise of voice commerce around the world.

Voice search on mobile

This new way of shopping will also become a trend in 2021 and smart speakers will be your ticket to online shopping in the near future. So you should definitely consider the  development strategy to get greater ROI.

How can you leverage Voice Search for your Shopify Store?

Here are some ways to adapt your Shopify eCommerce site for voice search:

2. Augmented Reality

The biggest advantage of offline retail over eCommerce is that it allows you to touch and experience the product tangibly. The lack of senses and ability to see product and its details in person is a drawback.

Shopify Augmented Reality Product Display
Shopify Augmented Reality Product Display

The biggest advantage of offline retail over eCommerce is that it allows you to touch and experience the product tangibly. The lack of senses and ability to see product and its details in person is a drawback.

However, you can give shoppers a new way to experience your products with Shopify AR (Augmented Reality). As you see in the above video, it brings the product to life! This helps shoppers get a truer sense of the size, scale, and detail of your products. Most importantly, it truly increases the buying confidence and sales. Naturally...

How can you leverage AR for your Shopify Store?

Shopify has a dedicated AR landing page in which you can find all the details and steps to follow to enable augmented reality on your store.

3. Mobile Commerce

According to Statista, mobile as share of total eCommerce is constantly growing and will top by 72.9% in 2021. What this data tells a merchant is that offering the best mobile shopping is inevitable task. Your web store is no longer your hub. The new hub (or king) is your mobile store to leverage this trend.

You can increase the conversion rates on mobile up to 4X with a native mobile app. Plus, you can promote your products with free & unlimited push notifications. So you don't have to pay for social ads anymore!

How can you launch a mobile app for your Shopify store?

If you want a mobile app for your Shopify store, you can launch one with Shopney effortlessly, in no time! Before you start with one app builder learn what you need to pay attention in our related article.

4. Membership & Loyalty

Loyalty has always been important in any type of commerce. However, it gained a greater significance with this year. Because the competition in online commerce got intensified. A powerful data from Criteo shows that 39% of US shoppers purchased from a new online store for the first time during the peak of COVID-19.

That means the shoppers tend to discover new (better) stores. The same study also tell that 83% of the online shoppers are likely to keep buying from the new stores they discovered. The importance of loyalty kicks in here. To get the best out of this trend is to offer a strong loyalty program on your store. So you can reward loyal customers (members) and drive them back to your store again.

How can build a loyalty and reward program for your store?

There are many loyalty and reward apps on Shopify App Store. However, Growave is my favorite. Because it offers more than a loyalty program as an all-in-one platform.

5. Dynamic Pricing

With the facts about wilder competition in eCommerce landscape being said, there is another trend emerging accordingly: dynamic pricing.

You’re not going to be generating enough sales, even if you’re selling the best product in the world if you don’t price it correctly.

Due to the fact just above, you have to make sure that the price points of your products are corrected according to the market you compete.

If you want to determine the best pricing for your products, you should be using dynamic pricing software.

How can you automate dynamic pricing on your store?

The address is again Shopify App Store. There are 2 decent apps to have it: Prisync and Pricemole. You can try both quickly and find the best fit.

Bottom Line

The velocity of the change on eCommerce landscape dazzling. And, it seems like it will only accelerate. Staying up-to-date is hard yet essential. This post is prepared to help you on keeping up with the trends and grow your Shopify business with them.

Hope you find it helpful.