20+ App Push Notification Examples to Boost Customer Retention Rate on Shopify

20+ App Push Notification Examples to Boost Customer Retention Rate on Shopify

With skyrocketing CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), increasing privacy regulations, and an economic downturn, brands need a strong hold on user retention more than ever.

If you’ve invested in building a mobile app, and then spent money attracting users to download it, only to see their initial enthusiasm die within a few days is painful.

This is where push notifications come into play.

Alerts are an engaging, personal way to hook users to browse your app, to keep them coming back for more, beyond the first purchase or first session of browsing, and to increase user retention.

But it can become tough to constantly come up with a copy that works for your target audience and helps them convert.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to help you with just that!

We’ve curated 20+ push notification templates specifically geared to increase your app’s user retention.

Use them in your user retention strategy, and remember to modify them where needed to fit your brand!

20+ Push notification examples for user engagement

We have divided the below notifications based on specific marketing goals so you can use any combination of them to suit your needs, and across seasons to increase retention.

Pro tip: A/B test with different segments to find what resonates more with your users and modify your push notification accordingly!

1. Re-engagement & cart reminders:

  1. In the mood to treat yourself? Your wishlist is waiting for you! Tap now to check out your favorites before they sell out! (Name)
  2. Hey there (Name)! Your cart misses you. Tap now to finish your order!
  3. We’ve missed you (Name)! Check out our new (product) collection that we think you’ll love and enjoy an exclusive 10% OFF!
  4. Enjoyed your subscription? Tap this to enjoy uninterrupted exclusive benefits with (brand)!
  5. Running low, (Name)? It’s time for a refill! Order now and enjoy 15% off with code (code)!
  6. Did you hear, (Name)? (Product name) from your wishlist is back in stock! Check out now before they get sold out!
  7. Forgot something, (Name)? We’ll hold on to your cart for two more hours! Tap now to complete your order!

2. Seasonal or event-based:

  1. Ready for Black Friday, (Name)? Get up to 15% OFF on everything only today! Shop now
  2. Cyber Monday deals are LIVE! Enjoy FREE shipping and extra discounts on your favorite products. HURRY, SALE ENDS IN 2 HOURS!
  3. Ho ho ho! Get your Christmas wish list ready! (Name), enjoy a special 20% OFF if you order now!
  4. Happy Birthday (Name)! Celebrate with a special gift from us to you! Tap now to claim!
  5. Happy New Year! Ready to embrace a new you? Shop now from our (product category) collection with freshly dropped additions!

3. Personalized recommendations & sales:

  1. Based on your wishlist, we think you’ll LOVE these (products)! Tap now to explore!
  2. It’s your lucky day! (Name), we’ve unlocked a special offer for (product category), shop now to claim
  3. Psst! Our (product) is the perfect match to your (previous order)! Get the set now.
  4. Flash Sale Alert! Enjoy up to (discount) % OFF for the next 24 hours ONLY!
  5. Because you're special, (Name), here’s an exclusive offer for you! Don’t miss out, shop now!

4. Social proof

  1. More than a (number) people are loving (product)! Find out why when you tap this!
  2. (Number) people have just bought our (product) today! Get yours before they get sold out!
  3. (Name), (reviewer name) wanted to share this about our new (collection/category)! Find out what they said when you tap here!
  4. Want (discount) off, (Name)? All you need to do is share your review of your previous order of (product name) with us with #hashtag!
  5. You have a great choice, (Name)! (product) from your wishlist has been saved (number) times! Grab yours before they’re sold out.

5. Gamification

  1. Bored, (Name)? Spin the prize wheel and stand a chance to win (prize)! Play now to enjoy a sweet something for your next order!
  2. Hey (Name), want to know what we think you’ll love? Answer our quiz to find out your perfect (product category)!

6. Feedback requests

  1. We miss you (Name)! Tell us what we gotta do to win you back! Share your feedback here.
  2. Your opinion matters, (Name)! Take this quick survey and help us make (brand/app name) more awesome for you!


Crafting effective push notifications can be a powerful tool to increase your app’s user retention and keep them coming back for more.

By creating a unique mix of alerts from the templates shared above, built to increase engagement and have them tap back into your app, you can nurture your users to build a loyal community.

Want to implement a robust user retention strategy?

We can help! Besides working with 100+ brands to build mobile apps their customers love, we’ve learned a trick or two on what push notifications are the best for increasing retention.

Reach out to our team here to learn more!

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