5 Reasons Why Your Shopify eCommerce Mobile App Should Have a Dark Mode

5 Reasons Why Your Shopify eCommerce Mobile App Should Have a Dark Mode

We use our phones to shop, get social, and entertain ourselves; we even fall asleep and wake up with the device’s bright light.

Did you know that people check their mobiles an average of 58 times each day?

Glued to the screen is no longer a phrase used to chastise- it’s our everyday reality.

As a result, concerns about the increased screen time straining our eyes are growing and brands have to keep up with design trends that work to reduce this strain.

Dark Mode, a previously niche aesthetic choice, has become an important feature in interface design among users and developers alike for this very reason.

But what exactly is it, and how is it better? Why should eCommerce brands like you embrace this feature?

In today's blog post, we’re going to deep-dive into its benefits, and why you must consider implementing it for your Shopify brand mobile app.

What is dark mode?

Dark mode is a visual, display setting for user interfaces that can invert the traditional bright, light background of phones and apps with darker shades, usually black, or grey, that don’t strain your eyes.

When you invert the color scheme, your app’s text, images, and UI elements in lighter colors against a dark background, you can reduce the overall bright light that’s emitted by the screen.

It’s not just a stylistic preference - dark mode has functional benefits for users and even mobile devices!

Instead of jarring light leaving you in a daze, and making your room uncomfortably bright, it becomes a cozy, dimly lit spot, bright enough to not hamper your descent into sleep.

Perfect for a round of midnight shopping.

This is where your app comes in, and its ability to offer a dark mode version.

Dark mode vs. light mode

Light mode usually has dark text over a light background, making it suitable for bright, well-lit environments.

On the contrary, in dark mode, the text color is lighter and stands out on a dark background, making it ideal for low-light conditions.

Why should you offer dark mode in eCommerce apps?

Both light and dark modes have their advantages, but night mode offers many benefits for mobile app users, specifically for eCommerce.

Here are some of them:

1. Saves battery life

On devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, where the screen is lit up with individual pixels instead of a backlight, dark mode reserves power more easily because displaying darker pixels needs lesser battery life.

This way, online shoppers who spend a lot of time browsing eCommerce apps (like yours!) don’t have to worry about their device needing an urgent round of charging.

When battery life is a significant concern for most people, this feature is great to include in your app design.

2. Reduces eye strain in low-light conditions

As we mentioned above, dark mode makes apps more comfortable to view and explore in low-light environments as they reduce visual fatigue.

Without the harsh glare, users can engage with your app for longer periods, browsing products and reading reviews at ease, often when they’re off to sleep.

3. Increases readability and focus

Dark mode offers a higher contrast between an app’s background, text, and other UI elements, which makes elements and buttons appear distinct and easy to scan.

In an eCommerce app, you need a clear presentation of products and navigational elements to boost sales and enhance user experience.

Think of text-heavy PDPs (product description pages) or the critical checkout pages- and imagine poor font size coming in the way of a user wanting to place an order!

With dark mode, you can create a more optimized user experience.

4. Delivers a modern, sleek look

Design trends keep changing and currently, a clean, minimalist visual design sense appeals to many users.

Additionally, it can also become a part of your branding experience, as offering dark mode can signal your app is up-to-date with modern technological trends.

5. Reduces Blue Light Exposure

Viewing blue light for long periods, especially during the evening or night can disrupt your sleep cycle.

With dark mode, melatonin secretion (the hormone responsible for regulating sleep), gets reduced, making it more comfortable for users to shop from your app.

How to implement dark mode for your eCommerce mobile app

Dark mode is a feature your UX and product teams can bring in, and you can guide them on what you want for your brand, with the help of the below checklist:

  • Aim for a seamless transition between dark and light modes, which allows users to switch to their preferences easily
  • Plan a consistent appearance of dark mode across different screen sizes and devices to deliver a cohesive user experience
  • Text extensively for readability and usability, especially to deliver accessibility
  • Offer customization options within the dark mode itself, like varying shades or tones of dark backgrounds
  • Launch a marketing campaign to highlight your dark mode option
  • Establish a feedback loop with users who can share their experience of your app's dark mode so you can improve and update accordingly.


Building a dark mode for your eCommerce app goes beyond following the latest design trend.

By doing so you show your brand is thoughtful about delivering an engaging experience that also considers a user’s health, preferences, and their mobile device’s technological efficiency.

At Shopney, we understand the significance of dark mode for eCommerce brands and our team can guide you to seamlessly integrate this feature into your app.

Ready to make sure your users don’t have to squint while using your mobile app? Reach out to us today!