Why The Push Notifications Are So Important?

Why The Push Notifications Are So Important?
“The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response”.

“The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response”, said Milton Ericsson, the American psychiatrist. I think any online marketer and merchant would agree. Because, if there is no response to the communication, it has a value of zero.

But in this time and age, the customer, as a persona, has too many things to see and do, and so little time. However, as a merchant, you need to communicate your message and be one of the thousands to be remembered or lead an activity.

The key to being ‘the remembered one’ of those numerous messages that a customer exposed to every day are attention itself! If you can grab the attention, there you ensure that you will be remembered. But, to grab the attention of your customers, you have to be where it is! In 2019, the place is their mobile phones! And push notifications are the best way available to reach their mobile phones and naturally to them.

Attention is the big picture. However, you need to see and understand the small pieces of the picture to get the best out of it. To be precise, I would like to break the issue down as below.

1. It improves customer retention

There’s probably no need to say that attracting new customer takes much more time and resources than keeping existing ones. Push notifications can reach users even when they’re not on your mobile store. And that means you can keep on bringing them back to your app and upsell or cross-sell.

Customer Retention Magnet Figure

2. It recovers your incomplete sells

It is not that rare a customer abandons a cart with items inside due to some reasons. It is also not so rare the product that the customer wants to buy is out of stock for a while. Shopney offers two perfect solutions for these two distinct problems. Abandoned cart notifications and back-in-stock notifications. So, you can recall your customers to complete an abandoned cart purchase or let them know about the product they wanted so bad is available again.

3. It’s time efficient way to communicate with your customers.

Push messages are so easy to create with Shopney. And that means you don’t need to spend too much time creating one.

4. It has high conversion rates

Comparing to emails, push notifications to have significantly high conversion results. Of course, they vary from business to business. Nevertheless, average conversion rates of rich push notification can be as high as 48%.

push notification conversion figure

To conclude, the push notification is a tool which is so effective and limitless with Shopney. It is a great opportunity to leverage any kind of business. However, it can have adverse effects if used too much and disturbs the customer.

So, enjoy your notifications responsibly!