Too Many Birds With One Stone: In-App Messages

Too Many Birds With One Stone: In-App Messages
In today's world, speed is everything for buyers. Satisfying their need for speed is the latest version of natural selection. If you can do that, you win on many different sides of the game. If you can't, it's completely the opposite.

Did you know that the average customer has a patience limit of only 10 minutes for any issue to be resolved? Then, the patience wears out and bad thoughts start to emerge. The study conducted by Hubspot is really insightful about this topic. 

'The history of human communication in the history of removing hurdles. We’ve always looked for ways to communicate: Better ways, faster ways, more ways. We went from the pony express to snail mail, to phones, texting, emailing, and instant messaging.''

customer has a patience limit Graph
An overview of Hubspot's striking study

So, as the ways of communication advance and fasten, the expectation of the customers keep going upwards. And the law of nature is obvious, those who adapt will survive. The rest? Ummm... They will not be happy with what they will get. This is the very shortened version of mankind's history.

Why it matters?

Shortcut to the point, if you are thinking of a mobile app for your e-commerce business, it's a great move. But that single fact we mentioned above is an obvious sign about one capability that your mobile app must have: In-App Messages. There are a lot more reasons (benefits) to have it. Let's open up the magic box...

  1. CONVERSION: Even if your app users don't send a single message by in-app messages, they will be more likely to purchase than the case there is no such feature. So, it converts more even by existing. Because, they feel that in case of a query, the solution is right there and handy. And when they use it, you can convert them right in the action with the answers you give.
  2. RETENTION: With in-app messages, you can instantly answer your customers' questions without having them shift into any other platform. You know, additional steps and platform shifts are always windows for the customer to ''escape'' from the journey.
  3. FEEDBACK: You can get quick feedback from the users on your products, services or even your app itself. For any business, getting customer feedback is not easy, but always vital to decide the next move.
In-App Messages has no intrinsic value. Like any other communication channel, chat or messages is just a vehicle for users and merchants to get where they need to go. So, it's a path to value.

We are proud!

Because Shopney is the first and the only company to offer in-app messages to Shopify merchants. As always, what we build is coming out from the insights of today's mobile shopper.

If you would like to have a beautiful mobile with In-App Messages, reach us out from our website.