Tips & Facts You Must Know About Push Notifications

Tips & Facts You Must Know About Push Notifications
Improving push notification performance is the key for your apps engagement, retention and sales performance.

We consider push notifications as vital for your app performance. And one of the biggest values that your mobile app adds to your business. Because they are the free-marketing tool. As you can deliver your brand messages for free to your app users, you don’t need to invest in digital ads to reach them. And by using push notifications, you know you’re targeting the place your customers spend most of their time — their smartphone.

When you use them properly, they will save you a lot on the marketing budget and create a huge impact on your sales.

Enough said for the importance of the push notifications? Then, let's dive into the tips and facts you must know to get the most out of push notifications.


When it comes to push notifications, how you write matters as much as what you write! When we say ‘how’, it means both the qualitative and quantitative sides of it. So, how long you write is important.

Example Push Notification Screenshot

An analysis conducted by CleverTap, based on over 3 billion push notification events, shows that the ideal length for push notification is between 40-70 characters including title + one beautiful image.


Yes. We don’t mean emojis should be used in every single push notification. However, they add an attraction and value to your text. When it suits your brand message, the emoji can make a significant positive effect. Emojis are great and can drive engagement ONLY when they are relevant to your message and are used in moderation.

So, there is another important question popping up: which emojis should you use? We have an answer to that question as well. According to the latest studies of the Shopney team, we have created a ranking for popular emojis. Let’s check below to see their performances.

Emojis in push notification graph


Have you ever heard of the term FOMO? It’s fear of missing out. We all have it, don’t we? And your customers have it too. So, you can create your push notification strategy based on creating a sense of urgency.

Some words have a special power to inspire people to act. Here we have compiled the ones that are recommended by the world’s top growth hackers.

special words to inspire people figure


Whether it’s a general announcement or a sale for a specific collection, it’s crucial to enrich your push notification with an attractive image that inspires. Images go beyond what can words say. Especially, when it comes to buying some stuff.

At Shopney, we offer rich push notifications (the push notifications that include an image) in all plans. So, whichever plan you use, we’ve got you covered. Lastly, consider push notifications as the first step of a marketing funnel. It should be tempting to go further and intriguing.

Push notification sent preview screenshot


Timing matters. It does for push notifications. When you deliver the right push notification to your customers at the right time, the magic happens! They take the first step into the buying path.

But when you send it in a wrong time, they will immediately slide it aside, maybe won’t even noticing. However, it is not possible to find the best times without putting some work and experimenting as all stores and audiences have their unique attributes.

We recommend you to keep an eye on the conversion rates of your notifications in Shopney dashboard. You can compare your completed notifications with each other based on time and set the best timing.


Everything in marketing takes a few attempts to attract the attention of your target. If you send too many notifications, you risk people disabling notifications – which is one of the dangers of using push notifications too much.

Furthermore, you may face the danger of frustrating app users who don’t know how to change their notification settings easily. But they know how to erase an app. If they get bothered, they will get rid of the rain of push notifications from a certain app forever by erasing it.

To optimize the frequency, the opening rate is again a good metric to check. You need to increase the frequency as it gets. When you start to notice that the opening rates are decreasing you can start to decrease it.

Example Push Notification Screenshot


As much and as long as you can! There is no way to success in push notifications without going by testing. Forget about it. As a successful merchant, you already know that marketing is a matter of testing today.

A B Testing Figure

So, for every single variable on the push notifications, you need to change, test and compare the results with one another. Till the moment you are sure that you find the best!

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to check our other articles about m-commerce insights, please check here. Now, it's the time to take an action!