Mobile Design Trends in 2023 [#5 is Very Interesting]

Mobile Design Trends in 2023 [#5 is Very Interesting]

Life is unexpected. It’s not possible to know what to expect next. As we transition to life in the post COVID world, mobile apps are expected to take the center place. Mobile design trends in 2021 reflect this centrality of mobile apps in our lives and society as a whole. 

In this article, let’s look at some of these mobile design trends that have the potential to change the face of the shopping experience for your customers.

1.Implementing Neumorphism for a Fresh Look

basic neumorphic design examples
Neumorphic design examples

Though this may look like a fancy term, in reality, it is the process of taking an old trend and repurposing it to meet modern needs.

In the world of mobile shopping app design, this term applies to the designs of buttons and flat icons from the 2010s and recreating them for the 2020s, which includes adding a rich set of colors and possibly even some 3D effects to meet the design-oriented generation of shoppers.

2.Making App Designs Interactive to Boost Engagement

Mobile App of Mada In China
Mada In China mobile app by Shopney

eCommerce mobile app design underwent many changes in the last year to gear to the growing expectations of users to have a virtual shopping experience that’s very similar to the real world. In other words, these apps began to have a design that would give the same level of user engagement and experience as a real-world shopping store, and that’s exactly what your Shopify mobile app must offer to your customers.

Surprisingly, implementing this experience is easier than you think, especially with the experience of companies like Shopney that specialize in turning your Shopify store into an app. You can even add some VR and AR capabilities, so it truly stands out in the crowded world of eCommerce.

3.Creating Visuals That Are Easy on the Eyes

An often overlooked aspect of mobile design is fatigue. Given that people spend an average of five hours on mobile phones each day, a sense of fatigue and boredom is sure to set into their viewing experience. You want to give them an app; visually appealing, but not too overbearing. It has to strike a balance between a new design and one that’s joyful and simple to use. With a minimal design, it is possible.

In general, the mobile shopping app design must use natural and soothing colors that are combined in simple layouts to ensure that users can look at the screen for extended periods without feeling fatigued. Needless to say, your conversion rate goes up when your mobiles are appealing and conducive enough for people to spend more time in them.

4.Thinking Out-of-the-Box

out of the box

Out-of-the-box designs appeal to customers simply because there are thousands of apps, so anything that is new stands out and catches their attention.

One such trend is to bring in analog into the design where designers are trying to back memories of the previous decade through paper, pen, cardboard, and even some retro colors and patterns that will combine the modern feel with an old-world charm to make the design appealing to customers.

5.Using Different Art Forms in Mobile Design

philippe starck's squeezer and squid

Some designers are even coming up with abstract and geometric art, the time-tested and appealing eCommerce app design elements that always strike a chord with the users and at the same time give a new look and feel to the app. It is a great alternative to photography, especially if you think it will give a more natural and earthy appeal to your UI/UX.

6.Building User Engagement

A key mobile trend in 2021 is to build user engagement in a variety of ways that would appeal to them and at the same time, give the results you want. Some of the areas that are the key focus in 2021 are:

  • Mobile app push notifications to send relevant products and offers
  • Making swiping more interesting and engaging so users can browse just by swiping than clicking, as the former is fun and a central aspect of the mobile experience
  • Using shadows and layering to attract user attention and to entice them to engage with you. This has been a bold trend that shouts out to the user through designs

Depending on your app and the preferences of your users, you can leverage one or more of these trends for building user engagement and through it, boost the conversion rate of your mobile app.

alt text

7.Embedding Advanced Technologie

Today’s world of technology is not isolated, rather it’s a confluence of many technologies and platforms that come together to provide a synergy of benefits to the end-user. In 2021, we’re going to see a combination of technologies such as M2M, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and more.

The emergence of smartphones that are conducive to these technologies has made it easier than ever before to incorporate them, so think about how you can use these technologies well to provide a better user experience and to drive more traffic to your mobile app.

8.Personalizing Experiences

Mobile apps are growing by the day, so you have to stand out among the crowd to make yourself heard and seen. The best way is to create a personalized experience that makes users feel as if the app was created just for them. A good example would be to analyze their behavior and preferences and send customized app notifications and product suggestions accordingly.

9.Enhance the Depth of Mobile Designs

deep mobile design

Another trend that’s doing the rounds is the addition of depth to designs by adding layering and shadows. It is really effective. With dark and bold shadows, designers aim to give you another dimension. These simple design elements add to the visual appeal and more importantly, give a “wow” feeling to customers when they open your app each time.

10.Use of Videos and 3D Models

VR and AR technologies help the users to get out of reality for a while. Since we are all stuck in a place, it is nice to have a virtual world to relax. 2021 is expected to see a further impetus for video and 3D models in mobile apps with an aim to make them appealing and interesting to customers. Many of these 3D models are designed to interact with customers to keep them engaged and coming back for more.


We are going through hard times. 2021 mobile design trends give us a chance to get away and have fun. These 10 trends are intentionally designed for the users. They are not only visually enhancing but also very simple to use.

If all these sound overwhelming, simply reach out to Shopney as they are experts in converting your Shopify store to a mobile app, incorporating all these latest trends, so your apps are appealing for your end-users.