How Topdser Supercharges Your Business with Branded Dropshipping

How Topdser Supercharges Your Business with Branded Dropshipping

Thousands of new companies starts their business life. Every single day. And, thousands going out of business and getting forgotten. But the ones who can build a brand on the company, that ones remain in the business.

The same applies for dropshipping businesses. Every single day, some join into the game and some leaves it. In this guest post of Topdser, we will discuss the importance of branding for dropshipping businesses.

What is Branding and Why is it so important?

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Branding is the process of creating a unique and recognizable set of hallmarks for your products. This normally includes a logo, color scheme, and a slogan among other things. An example most people know is Nike.

Nike has one of the most recognizable logos globally with its signature Nike Check, usually in black with a white background or vice versa. When you see the Nike Check, you immediately recognize it and you might even think of their slogan, “Just Do It.”

Why Do You Need Branding for Your Dropshipping?

Brand Recognition

From the moment your customer opens their order, they should know that this is a unique product from a professional company. A recent study shows that the average customer will have formed an opinion of your website within 0.05 seconds.

First impressions are crucial and having a clean website with strong branding will immediately put you in good favor with a customer. When they see your logo, they know what they can expect and will remember the name.

Brand recognition creates a relationship between your company and the customer. Customers that have a good experience will remember the brand when they recommend the product to a friend.

This is how you create repeat customers and expand to new customers. Loyal customers are more likely to spend more as well. Nearly 37% of customers say they spend more when they are loyal to a brand.


According to one study, 81% of consumers will only purchase from a brand if they trust it. Customers are more likely to believe in a brand’s quality control, customer service, and overall quality just because of a logo.

By just having a logo, you immediately elevate your product above generic ones with no logo. Branding adds professionalism to your products and store. Having a consistent branding plan shows customers that effort was put into this brand and builds trust.

Topdser's Branding Service

Dropshippers now have a very inexpensive route to get branding on their products. Topdser will integrate personalized branding onto your packaging upon your request. It includes custom tape and branded stickers.

How to Apply Topdser Branding Dropshipping?

  1. Contact Customer Support regarding branded dropshipping through Topdser.
  2. Submit your brand’s customized logo. You will receive a concept rendering within 48 hours.
  3. Branded stickers and tape will be produced usually within 5-7 days when a concept is agreed upon.
  4. Topdser will notify dropshippers when branded packaging is finished and will begin using it

Note: When the packaging supply drops below 200, a notification will be sent.

Pricing10 Rolls of 100m Branded Tape (About 1000 Packages worth each): $301000 Branded Stickers: $30

topdser - branded tape

The Bottomline

For about 3 cents a package, you can start building brand recognition and set your brand up for long term success.

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