How To Boost Your Sales By Using Push Notifications Effectively?

How To Boost Your Sales By Using Push Notifications Effectively?
The push notification is a great monetizer tool when it's used effectively. And, you will learn how to do it in this article...

Push notifications are a cornerstone of every mobile app's retention and engagement strategy. When done right and properly, push notifications can really boost app launches, engagement, and retention. Of course, sales as well!

However, the misusage push notifications may not lead to the results that you want, and the over-usage of them can even lead to some negative effects as app uninstalls. So, it's a bit like fire which can result in good and bad things potentially. But, don't worry, it is easy to create great results and you will find all in the followings. Let's go!

1. Think Deep & Plan In Details Before Sending

When integrating push notifications into your engagement strategy, be sure you are delivering unique, specific value to your customers.

Think Light Figure

Start by first identifying your customers’ mobile use cases: How are they interacting with you? What are their needs? What might attract them even if it is not a need for them?

2. Use Powerful Words

There are hundreds of words that can improve or decrease conversions. And a word can work great in one platform but suck in another. Try to avoid over-consumed words. Instead, use the power words that are suitable for what you are about to execute. You can check out in here.

Powerful Words Figure

However, some of these power words can actually ruin the effectiveness of a Push Notification. For example, the word “win” has a lowly 0.61% open rate, indicating some skepticism among users.

This is why knowing what to say (and not say) in your Push Notifications is critical. Here are 3 simple tips for doing this effectively:

  • Track the performance of your messages and campaigns
  • Follow the competition
  • Experiment

3. Send Them On The Right Time

Doing the right thing alone is not always enough to get the results. Especially, when it comes to the push notifications. Sending a notification at the right time is crucial. It can affect many things from the opening-rates to the reactions.

Let's go deeper with some statistics from North America about the number push notifications throughout the day and their opening rates. It's really insightful!

Push Notifications: Sent vs Opens Graph
Push Notifications: Sent vs Opens

After sleeping hours passes, the notifications start to flow into devices increasingly till 7 PM. Then, it decreases dramatically till around midnight.

Before 12 PM, as the people are busy with their morning rituals like eating, commuting to the office, personal care etc. So, they are not that interested in the updates about what is going on in our world.

However, after 3 PM, there is a peak in the opening rates. This is most probably because of people taking a break to grab a coffee or get fresh air. So, it is a great time to check your phone out.

The post-evening trend is interesting – after 6 PM, on a relative basis, Pushes Opened starts to trend higher, relative to previous hours, and Pushes Sent is lower. This indicates that while mobile apps are delivering a ton of pushes leading up to evening, it might be more effective to time them post-evening when engagement seems high.

Besides, the opens of push notifications are so high from 6-9pm. Work is done and people are likely to be on their phones, browsing apps and catching up on social media.

All above about when to send your notifications are so important and good to see the big picture. However, it is not possible to find the best times without putting some work and experimenting as all stores and audiences have their own unique attributes. We recommend you to keep an eye on the conversion rates of your notifications.

Conversion Rate - Screenshot

You can compare your completed notifications with each other based on time and set the best timing.

4. Do Not Send More Than Enough

Too much of anything is annoying. So do push notifications! To avoid annoying users, make sure to use the first two tactics and sending only enough!

Sending enough does not mean that you should be afraid of sending more than one in a single day or something. Sending 5 or 10 push notifications can even be insufficient depending on your communication case. But, no one can know better than you about it.

Always try to think from the point of view of your customers. Every single push notification has to say something new and relevant. Even if they are about the same stuff.

5. Make It Rich

No word can describe the beauty better than itself. For example, telling magical words about a beautiful women's bag will never be as attractive as showing it.

Sent Push Notification Preview Screenshot

So, if you are selling a physical product and having decent photos of it, use them! Show it better than you can tell it!

6. Use Emojis

Emojis are more important than you think for your push notifications. Because they psychologically influence a reader and build an instant emotional connection while reflecting warmth. Most of all, they soften the effect of a critique or rejection.

Emoji Example Images

However, remember not to overdo it in order to avoid to be perceived as obtrusive by your customers. So, you have all you need about to leverage push notifications in a nutshell!

Now, it's time to use what you learned and boost your sales!