Best Shopify Plus Apps for Your Online Business (2024)

Best Shopify Plus Apps for Your Online Business (2024)

When you're operating a thriving enterprise business with high-volume sales, having the right suite of apps to bolster your marketing efforts is paramount.

In this post, we've curated a list of the best Shopify Plus apps for enterprise businesses. These apps are built to handle high volume of visitors and sales, to help you scale your business with ease.

List of Best Shopify Plus Apps (2024)

While there are a number of Shopify Plus apps available to online businesses, here are some that global brands trust:

1. Shopney

Shopney -mobile app builder website

Shopney is one of the best Shopify Plus apps that allows you to turn your Shopify store into a mobile app without the need for coding or design skills. Shopney offers a quick and easy launch process, with experts handling the app's setup and launch in just five days.

creating push notification on Shopney dashboard

It aims to enhance the mobile shopping experience for customers, increase conversion rates, and boost sales through features like fast checkout, push notifications, and a user-friendly interface.

Shopney empowers users to preview their mobile app designs and test functionality on their personal mobile devices before launching. Users can experience their apps as customers do, sending push notifications, initiating in-app chats, and completing checkouts for a user-friendly experience.

Key features

  • Diverse listing options and eight theme choices for user interface layouts.
  • Segmented themes designed to serve specific industry sectors within the Shopify ecosystem.
  • In-app chat for increasing the visitors into customers.
  • Seamlessly integrates your mobile app with other Shopify apps and tools.
  • Push notifications to retarget your mobile app users.

Want to turn your Shopify Plus store into a powerful eCommerce app for customers? Install Shopney today.

2. Sender

Sender is the most affordable (yet powerful) email and text marketing software for enterprise businesses. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify, which allows you to sync customer data for personalized marketing campaigns.

The platform offers automated workflows and advanced features like segmentation, high-converting popups, and detailed analytics. All these help you drive higher conversions and revenue for your business.

Key features

  • Email and SMS campaigns that can be combined for an omnichannel experience.
  • Drag-and-drop email builder with responsive templates to design professional emails in minutes.
  • Automated workflows that deliver perfectly timed and targeted emails to your subscriber list.
  • High-converting popups to attract leads.
  • Detailed analytics and reports to track your campaign’s performance.
  • 24/7 customer support with quick, helpful, and friendly service.

3. StorifyMe

storifyme website

StorifyMe offers a dynamic and personalized storytelling solution for your app and website. Create engaging stories, share them via links or QR codes, and track performance, all in one powerful tool.

Key features

  • Create and integrate in-app and web stories into your mobile applications and websites.
  • Increase time spent on your mobile app and website with personalized & interactive video content i.e., StorifyMe shorts.
  • Run ads between stories or widgets without distracting user experience.
  • Integrate user-generated stories to any platform in a few lines of code.

4. Omnisend

Omnisend website

Omnisend is one of the best Shopify Plus apps for email and SMS marketing solutions offering optimizing subscriber collection, customer retention, and cost-efficiency. Omnisend drives higher conversion rates with integrated email and SMS campaigns, customizable templates, and robust automation.

Key features

  • Generate customized campaigns effortlessly with Omnisend's powerful email marketing capabilities.
  • Seamlessly blend automated text messages with emails and push notifications within a unified automated workflow.
  • Accommodates all country codes for SMS
  • Offers integration for personalized push notifications to enhance your marketing efforts.

5. website is one of the most trusted loyalty apps offering loyalty programs that incentivize repeat purchases, offer VIP perks, and encourage referrals. Smile can automatically reward your customers upon entering a new tier with options including free products, amount discounts, percentage discounts, and accelerated points earning.

Key features

  • Grant points for account registration or initial purchases.
  • Utilize the VIP program to establish reward tiers, providing top customers with enhanced incentives and exclusive benefits.
  • Gain the additional benefit of acquiring new customers through customer referrals to your brand.
  • Facilitate referrals using Smile integrations, such as Klaviyo and Mailchimp, to embed unique referral links in every email communication.

6. Lucky

Lucky orange website

Lucky Orange offers a suite of website optimization tools, including Dynamic Heatmaps, Session Recordings, and Surveys, to enhance conversion rates and gain insights into visitor behavior. These powerful features help businesses make informed decisions, engage with customers effectively, and build loyalty.

Key features

  • Session Recordings
  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Surveys
  • Live Chat
  • Dashboard Insights

7. Rebuy

Rebuy website

Rebuy, the Commerce AI Company, is the best Shopify app to increase sales. It empowers customer-centric brands worldwide with its personalization platform, enhancing shopping experiences through intelligent, individualized engagement.

Key features

  • Enhance your merchandising strategy with hyper-personalized product recommendations.
  • Unlock best-of-breed shopping experiences via Rebuy’s fast mobile-optimized cart.
  • Upsell or down-sell products immediately after the credit card is charged.
  • Convert shoppers via checkout customizations and upsells (Shopify & Shop Pay).

8. Referral Candy

Referral Candy website

ReferralCandy offers a self-running referral program that automates customer invitations and rewards. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify and subscription apps, utilizing customizable post-purchase emails, pop ups, and landing pages.

With custom rewards, audience segmentation, and a pay-per-performance model, ReferralCandy empowers businesses to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Key features

  • Automatically invite your customers at chosen times such as after checkout
  • Detect successful referrals and distribute rewards to your customers
  • Track new sales from referrals and your top traffic sources
  • See how your referral program performs against industry standards
alt text

9. Shogun

Shogun website

Shogun is a no-code, visual page builder that empowers e-commerce teams with an easy and efficient way to customize their online stores for better conversions and growth. Shogun offers drag-and-drop functionality, enabling fast, cost-effective design changes without relying on slow custom development.

Key features

  • Create the exact page designs you envision, customizing blocks, layouts, and metadata.
  • Add accordions, sliders, videos, ‘add-to-cart’ buttons, forms, countdown timers, and much more to your Shopify store.
  • Measure your performance across all your store pages to gain key insights.
  • Create unlimited custom content sections that can be added directly to Shopify 2.0 Themes.

10. Adroll

Adroll website

AdRoll is one of the best Shopify Plus apps for e-commerce and empowers businesses to achieve more with limited budgets.

AdRoll's retargeting ads leverage a decade of data and machine learning to re-engage potential customers on their preferred online platforms. These personalized ads display dynamic images of previously viewed products, enticing shoppers to return and make a purchase.

Key features

  • Seamlessly oversee social ad campaigns across platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Employ dynamic ads showcasing your products across a vast network of websites.
  • Combine unlimited email campaigns with ads to maximize performance.
  • Execute pre-optimized retargeting campaigns spanning both ad networks and email channels.

11. Recharge

recharge website

Recharge Payments offers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions, including Subscriptions, Loyalty, Bundles, and Flows.

Recharge's cutting-edge platform focuses on enhancing Lifetime Value (LTV) growth by enabling businesses to craft frictionless shopping experiences, driving revenue and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Key features

  • Empower your customers to pause, skip, or swap products in their orders, access their customer portal via passwordless login, and more.
  • Offer tailored, subscriber-only benefits and rewards, adding value for your customers while increasing your retention.
  • Combine multiple SKUs into one product, saving customers time and effort.
  • Launch targeted, personalized customer journey enhancements to increase LTV.

12. NoFraud

Nofraud website

NoFraud offers an advanced eCommerce fraud prevention platform designed to foster growth and minimize friction. Their real-time decision-making technology not only thwarts fraud but also boosts revenue.

Key features

  • Accurate, real-time fraud screening with better approval rates and a financial guarantee.
  • Configure custom allowlists and blocklists to bypass fraud analysis for specific customers or resellers.
  • Increase completions by removing unneeded fields and incorporating address suggestions to eliminate errors.
  • Assess your practices and proactively alert you of any process changes you can make to prevent claims in the first place.

13. Stamped

Stamped website

Stamped is one of the best Shopify Plus apps for reviews and loyalty platforms, helping brands accelerate growth by building credibility and trust. They offer product reviews, loyalty programs, and VIP tiers to engage customers and drive brand loyalty.

Key features

  • Give your customers a voice by collecting and showcasing high-quality reviews.
  • Tap into one of the most compelling types of UGC by curating and showcasing your customers’ stories across your marketing channels.
  • Create a VIP Program with multiple tiers that incentivize your customers.
  • Personalize engagement and delight your customers with Birthday or Anniversary points.

14. Back in Stock

Back in stock website

Back in Stock is a powerful Shopify app that helps you recapture potentially lost sales by instantly notifying customers when products return to stock.

With features like customizable forms, analytics, theme integrations, and email platform compatibility, it's the most comprehensive Shopify Back in Stock notification app available.

Key features

  • Analytics dashboard with built-in conversion tracking.
  • Back-in-stock email notifications within 60 seconds.
  • Change the email’s headings, text, colors, and body in the email template settings.
  • Send notifications for out-of-stock products available for preorder.

15. Langify

Langify website

Langify simplifies Shopify store translation, making it effortless to add multiple languages without code. The user-friendly interface streamlines content translation, offering an intuitive search and Rich-Text-Editor.

Key features

  • Your translations will be picked up and indexed by all major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Dedicated language-specific URLs for all your pages.
  • Import translations from your CSV or MO file into langify.
  • Easily export your existing translations for backup purposes or export your untranslated content to have them translated by professional translators.
alt text


Running a high-volume online store isn’t easy.

While Shopify Plus does come with a suite of powerful features to help you run your marketing and operations with ease, having the right Shopify apps can help you optimize for efficiency and effectiveness.

For instance, we at Shopney have built our app to help Shopify Plus stores with a vast catalog turn their online store into a mobile app in no time. With additional features to run marketing campaigns and keep app users engaged, and powerful integrations with the best Shopify Plus apps, Shopney is a commonly chosen app by global brands.

Want to learn more about embracing AppCommerce?

Install Shopney today and get in touch with our team.