Complete Guide on Rich Push Notifications for Shopify eCommerce Apps

Complete Guide on Rich Push Notifications for Shopify eCommerce Apps

Remember when push notifications were just basic text alerts used for urgent announcements?

We wouldn’t call them ‘the good ol’ days’ because what works now is far more powerful and effective.

Digital marketing got a serious upgrade with rich push notifications.

Instead of a bland text that most people’s eyes would glaze over, your customers are now greeted with eye-catching images and videos, even interactive buttons, all within the notification.

Think of it like a mini multimedia billboard primed to get them scrolling on your app instantly.

In this blog post, we’ll deep dive into how they work as great hooks and how you can engineer them to get the most bang for your buck.

What are Rich Push Notifications?

Multi-media alerts are just an advanced form of the standard app push notifications, an informational or promotional communication sent by the brand to their app users.

They have rich media elements like images, videos, GIFs, and audio within the notification bar itself, capturing user attention instantly and helping your brand deliver a more immersive and interactive experience.

Even the interactive elements help indicate what the user should do next with clear CTAs, like confirming an appointment, rating service, or even replying to a message directly.

As a result, they have significantly higher click-through rates and engagement compared to plain text notifications.

With such sheer competition currently, it can become a potent tool for your brand if used efficiently.

Its potential for personalization helps target users better and create stronger relationships with the brand.

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk numbers.

Are rich push notifications more effective than text?

A typical smartphone user gets around 46 app push notifications daily.

Your brand must stand apart from this competitive crowd to retain your users or customers.

And guess what? Only 8% of mobile marketers actually use rich push notifications! Giving you an easy win, say, increasing your open rate by 25%!

Because of their visual elements, these alerts can emotionally impact your users quicker. You can also show your products clearly, increasing engagement and CTR.

This is because they:

  1. Grab attention: A static image might capture their interest for a momentary glance, but a short video or a gif showcasing your product sparks genuine curiosity and helps them envision their life with your product in it.
  2. Trigger emotions: A funny meme or a gif can make your customer smile, or an attractive image of your product can make them want, all emotions that work well while communicating.
  3. Increase recall: An image or a video that one enjoys tends to get stuck in a user's mind far more and easier than text. Creating such an experience leaves a lasting impression on your customers, making them more likely to remember your brand when they want an item.

How are they delivered on different platforms?

Both iOS and Android devices support rich push notifications, but the delivery mechanism varies.

On iOS, you can leverage Apple’s varied types of rich media like images, videos, audio, and interactive buttons, whereas Android can only service image-based notifications.

Additionally, both platforms now allow for customization from the user’s end; for example, iOS users can choose to receive a notification instantly or in a summary at their selected time, and Android users can create channels to club similar ones together.

How to use rich push notifications for your Shopify store app

Here are a few ways you can use rich media in your app notifications that can engage your audience:

1. Product launches

A shiny, new thing grabs more eye-balls when a user can see the shiny, new thing.

Rich push notifications are a great way to showcase a new product with an attractive image or a short video.

Words can spark the imagination, but nothing works like a visual to remove any doubts and give users clarity on what you’re launching.

2. Personalized offers and discounts

Personalization is a critical element to enjoy an ROI on push notifications truly. Especially when sending an exclusive offer.

Imagine their interest when, with a special discount, they are also shown or reminded visually of the now irresistible product.

3. Event reminders and countdowns

Time is a powerful tool to play with when sending alerts. You can cement the anticipation and FOMO by using an image or a gif of a countdown timer for an upcoming event or sale.

This sense of urgency encourages users to take action.

4. Abandoned cart

Imagine a customer adding a pair of headphones to their cart, only to get distracted quit the app.

By sending a timely reminder through a rich app push notification with a high-quality image of the headphones or a video of someone wearing it on their run, you can reignite their desire for your product and have them check out quickly.

5. Back in stock

Have customers eagerly waiting for a restock of your best-selling item?

Use a captivating video or gif to announce its return to your store, and add an interactive button called ‘Shop Now’ to excite users.

6. Welcome message

First impressions matter. By creating a lasting one on new users, you can spark a deeper relationship with app users and reduce uninstalls.

Remember, making an impact visually is the goal here to encourage them to explore your app.

7. Quizzes and surveys

Using interactive buttons, you can gamify collecting reviews, feedback, or surveys, all of which help to improve your app and campaigns.

For example, a clothing brand can send a short quiz on the user’s preferences, based on which you can share personalized recommendations to them, leading to higher conversions.

Best practices for rich push notifications

For them to become a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, here are a few universal best practices that you can start with.

Remember, these are basics- as each brand is unique, look for ideas that will best delight your unique target audience.

1. Embrace emojis

Emojis are powerful with their simplicity and universal appeal.

They inject personality, grab attention, and convey emotions quickly. For example, visualize a notification about a discount with the dollar sign emoji.

Your customers will know exactly what your notification is about, making them click quickly.

2. Keep It relevant and personalized

Users are more likely to engage with your brand’s notifications that align with their unique needs, wants, and interests.

To do this, you must study your users and create targeted segments based on similar patterns of behavior.

For example, a customer who tends to browse athletic wear typically receives a rich notification showcasing new running shoes based on their activity data (tracked with permission).

This targeted approach will resonate more strongly with users and drive higher engagement.

3. Use rich media wisely

Sometimes, less is more.

We recommend using text notifications for simple updates like shipping alerts or order confirmations.

When you bombard users with rich notifications for every push notification, it can lead to visual fatigue and, consequently, uninstalls.

4. Time it right

Sending notifications at the right time maximizes their impact.

Remember to check time zones and when your app sees high engagement or usage.

For example, sending a flash sale notification during peak lunch hours – you're more likely to catch users browsing their phones for a break and will encourage more browsing and, consequently, conversions.

6. Don’t sleep on copy

A high-converting push notification is a balance of text and visuals. Your rich media should support your copy and vice-versa, not overshadow it.

Use clear, concise language that instantly sparks curiosity and then deliver on that interest by attaching an attractive image or video.

7. Use interactive buttons

Include clear and relevant CTA’s like "Shop Now" or "Book Now" directly within the notification by using interactive buttons.

With this, you give users a one-click convenience that removes friction and leads to higher conversion rates.

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Ultimately, rich push notifications are a powerful tool to stand apart from your competitors and capture your customers' attention.

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