100+ App Push Notification Templates for Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery

100+ App Push Notification Templates for Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery

The writer who penned this article once had the job of writing push notifications for multiple markets sent twice a day.

Needless to say, coming up with copy consistently for different campaigns became a Sisyphean task.

If, like most Shopify brands, you have several flows or custom audiences, it can become even more time-consuming.

But it is worth the effort - with push notification boasting an impressive open rate of 90%, and its potential for deep customization makes it a key marketing strategy for reaching out to customers through your mobile app.

To make it easier on our clients, we decided to write and share 100+ push notification templates for some of the most high-converting campaigns you can send: abandoned cart notifications!

App push notification templates for abandoned cart recovery

For anyone shopping online on their phones, distractions are everywhere and can result in an abandoned cart.

It's here, in the critical gap between interest and action, that abandoned cart push notifications can bring your customers back to the app, to the checkout page, and drive conversion.

We’ve divided the templates based on their goal or the psychological triggers they employ – from urgency to exclusivity, from seasonal themes to loyalty points.

Let’s get started!

1. Simple reminders for Abandoned Cart

  1. "[Name], your selected items are waiting for you at checkout. Tap now to place your order!"
  2. "Oops πŸ™ˆ! Did you forget something,[Name]? Your order is just a click away from being all yours."
  3. "We saved your picks just for you, [Name]. Place your order before they’re sold out πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¨!"
  4. "Great choice [Name] πŸ‘Œ! Swing by your πŸ›’ to get them home."
  5. "Items in your cart are getting lonely. Tap to check out."
  6. "You've got great taste, [Name]! Your cart is saved for the next two hours ⏳. Checkout now!"
  7. "Hey, you dropped this πŸ‘œ! Your πŸ›’ is full and ready for checkout!"
  8. "We've kept your πŸ›’ safe and sound. It's ready for checkout whenever you are, [Name]."
  9. "Alert🚨: Your cart is still waiting for you. Checkout now!"
  10. "πŸ€” Looks like you forgot something. Click here to place your order."

2. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

  1. "Alert 🚨: Shoppers are eyeing the same picks as yours! Secure your cart now."
  2. "Hurry ⏰! People are loving what you've chosen, and stocks are finishing fast!"
  3. "Join the club! πŸŽ‰ Your cart items are the talk of the town. Grab them before they're gone."
  4. "Flash News: Your cart items are on the bestseller list this week. Order now!"
  5. "Your cart items are flying off the shelves,[Name]. Checkout before it’s sold out."
  6. "FOMO alert! 😱 Others have their eye on what’s in your cart. Claim it first!"
  7. "Your chosen items are almost sold out. Buy now!"
  8. "Your 🌟 products are in the limelight, but not for long! Checkout now!"
  9. "Almost gone! Your cart items are on everyone’s wish list today. Don’t miss out!"
  10. "Everyone’s loving what you’ve picked! Grab it before it’s too late."
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  1. "Tick-tock! ⏰ Items in your cart are almost out of stock. Grab them before they're gone!"
  2. "Time's running out! βŒ› Complete your purchase before your cart disappears at midnight."
  3. "Your cart is expiring soon. Check out before it’s too late!"
  4. "Hurry, [Name]! Your cart will be emptied soon. Secure your items now!"
  5. "Last chance! Your cart items are in high demand. Tap now to order. πŸ›οΈ"
  6. "The countdown has begun! Your cart will be reserved for another hour. Checkout now!"
  7. "Act now or forever hold your peace – your cart items won't wait around forever! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ"
  8. "Your cart items are going, going, almost gone! Tap now to place your order."
  9. "Final call for your cart items! They're too good to last, and time's almost up. πŸš€"
  10. "Your cart is in hot demand! πŸ”₯ Complete your purchase within the hour to avoid losing out."

Social Proof

  1. "1,000+ shoppers added this to their carts today. Don't get left out! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ›’"
  2. "See what the buzz 🐝 is about! Your cart items are rated 5 stars by customers like you."
  3. "Your cart items are popular this week! Complete your purchase and find out why."
  4. "Be part of the style squad! Your cart items are the season's must-haves.πŸ‘—πŸ‘š"
  5. "Your cart is on-trend! These items are our community’s current ❀ ️."
  6. "Your cart is in good company – [Number] sold in the last 24 hours!"
  7. "Your cart contains our bestsellers! Secure them before they sell out soon!"
  8. "Your cart is waiting, and so are the rave reviews. Join the fan favorites! πŸ“£"
  9. "Your cart selections are on everyone’s wish list. Make them yours first!"
  10. "Feel the love! Your cart items have been favorited [Number] times this week.πŸ†"

Offer Discount

  1. "We’re feeling generous! Get 15% off on your cart. πŸ’Έ"
  2. "πŸŽ‰ Special offer: Your cart items now come with a 20% discount!"
  3. "Score a deal! Enjoy 10% off your cart with code CART10. Limited time only! ⏳"
  4. "Deal Alert: Your cart qualifies for an extra 10% discount. Don't wait to check out!"
  5. "Surprise savings! We've added a 15% discount to your cart. Redeem now before it expires."
  6. "Just for you, [Name]! Complete your order within the next hour and get 20% off."
  7. "Your cart has a secret... It's a 10% off coupon! Use code SECRET10 at checkout. 🀫"
  8. "Flash Sale ⚑on your favorites! Your cart is now 15% less with code FLASH15."
  9. "Your cart on us! Well, 15% of it. Use code CART15 to claim your discount."
  10. "Exclusive 24-hour βŒ›οΈoffer: Save big with a 35% discount on your cart!"

Product Recommendations

  1. "πŸ’‘ Love what’s in your cart? You might also like these..."
  2. "We’ve picked some items just for you based on your cart!"
  3. "Complete the set! Add [Recommended Product] to your cart for the full experience."
  4. "Your cart looks lonely. Why not pair it with [Recommended Product] for a perfect match? πŸ‘«"
  5. "Make it a bundle! [Recommended Product] complements your current cart picks wonderfully."
  6. "Curated just for you: Add [Recommended Product] ✨ to your cart for an awesome combo."
  7. "Shoppers like you also loved [Recommended Product]. See what the buzz is about!"
  8. "Match made in heaven! [Recommended Product] is the perfect addition to your cart."
  9. "Get the look: Add [Recommended Product] to your cart for the ultimate style statement. πŸ‘—"
  10. "Your cart is just a few clicks from perfect. Add [Recommended Product] to round it off!"
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Exclusive Membership Offers

  1. "🌟 VIP Exclusive: Members like you get 20% off the cart! Redeem with code VIP20."
  2. "Member Perk Alert: Your cart qualifies for an extra 10% off. Thanks for being with us!"
  3. "As a valued member, enjoy a special 15% discount on your cart items today!"
  4. "πŸ‘ Exclusive just for you, [Name]! Members get first dibs on cart savings. Use your privilege!"
  5. "Your membership has its perks! πŸ”“ Unlock your cart with 20% off, just for you."
  6. "Loyalty deserves a reward. 🎁 Get 25% off your cart as our exclusive member."
  7. "Members-only offer: Complete your cart within 24 hours and score a special discount! πŸ’Ž"
  8. "It pays to be a member! Enjoy an additional 15% off on your abandoned cart."
  9. "Your exclusive member offer is here! Save 30% on your cart with code MEMBER30."
  10. "πŸ’°For our special member, [Name]: Your cart is waiting with a 15% discount."

Cart Value Increase for Free Shipping

  1. "Almost there, [Name]! Add just [Amount] more to your cart for FREE shipping! 🚚✨"
  2. "Your cart is [Amount] away from getting you free shipping! Shop now. 🀝"
  3. "πŸ‘‹β€ Wave goodbye to shipping fees! Top up your cart with [Amount], and it's on us!"
  4. "You're so close to scoring free shipping! Add [Amount] more to your cart."
  5. "Unlock πŸ†“ shipping! Your cart needs just [Amount] more. Treat yourself!"
  6. "Get your items delivered for free! Just add [Amount] more to your cart."
  7. "Who likes paying for shipping? Add [Amount] more and you won't have to!"
  8. "Seal the deal with πŸ†“ shipping! Your cart is [Amount] short from the goal."
  9. "Complete your cart with [Amount] more and we'll ship it for free!🀝"
  10. "You're this close to free shipping! Add [Amount] more to your cart to unlock it."

Limited Edition or Exclusive Items

  1. "Don't miss out, [Name]! 😱 Your cart has limited edition items that won't last long. Secure them now!"
  2. "Exclusive Alert: You've got a rare find in your cart. Checkout before it's gone forever!"
  3. "Your cart is unique – just like you✨. Checkout now to secure these limited edition finds."
  4. "Rare. Exclusive. Yours? Only if you complete your purchase before they're all snapped up!"
  5. "You've got the goods, [Name] – the limited edition goods. Make them yours while you can!πŸ₯‡"
  6. "Your cart is holding a treasure – a limited-edition treasure. Don't let it slip away!"
  7. " 🚨Exclusive items alert! Your cart is one in a million. Check out now!"
  8. "Time's ticking on those exclusive cart items. Check out now to make them all yours!"
  9. "You've chosen wisely, [Name], but these limited edition items won't wait around forever."
  10. "πŸ›οΈ Limited edition alert: Your cart has items that are the talk of the town. Grab them before they're history!"
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Offer Shopping Assistance

  1. "πŸ‘‹ Need a hand with your cart, [Name]? Our shopping assistant is just a click away! 😊"
  2. "Have questions about your cart items? Let our experts guide you!"
  3. "Stuck on the fence about your cart? Our team πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό is here to help you make the perfect choice!"
  4. "Not sure about your size or fit? Our shopping assistants can help you out! πŸ“’"
  5. "Personal shopping assistant alert: We're here to help you complete your perfect purchase!"
  6. "Your cart is calling for backup! Our shopping assistant is ready to swoop in for support."
  7. "πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ Need a second opinion on your cart? Our shopping assistants are all ears! πŸ€“πŸ‘‚"
  8. "Help is just a chat away! Reach out to our shopping assistant for a smooth checkout."
  9. "😰 Got cart jitters? Our shopping assistant can walk you through a worry-free purchase.πŸ‘Œ"
  10. "Your cart is almost yours. For any last-minute questions, our shopping assistant is here to help!"

Seasonal/Holiday Themes

  1. "πŸŽƒ Spooky Savings! Don't ghost your cart this Halloween – check out now for a treat!"
  2. "πŸ’˜ Be the Valentine's Day hero! Your cart has all you need for a perfect surprise.🏹"
  3. "Hop into Easter 🐰 savings! Your cart is a basket full of goodies waiting to be claimed."
  4. "Give thanks for great deals! Finish your Thanksgiving cart before the parade starts."
  5. "πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Flag these savings! Your Fourth of July cart is bursting with deals.πŸŽ†"
  6. "πŸŽ… Santa's Hint: The gifts in your cart are on everyone's list. Secure them before they're gone!"
  7. "πŸŽ„Christmas Countdown ⏳: Your cart's festive finds are ready to be wrapped up. Checkout now!"
  8. "Naughty 😈 or Nice πŸ˜‡? Either way, your Christmas cart has a treat for you. Claim it now!"
  9. "🍾 New Year, New Buys! Secure your cart now and start [Year] off with a bang! πŸŽ‰"
  10. "πŸ₯³ New Year's Eve Exclusive: Your cart is ready to celebrate with special discounts!πŸ›οΈ"

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

  1. "🐦 Early Bird gets the deal! Your Black Friday cart is ready for checkout. Don't miss out!"
  2. "Black Friday Exclusive: Your cart has been updated with once-a-year prices!"
  3. "VIP Black Friday Access: Your πŸ›’ is ready with special deals just for you!"
  4. "Black Friday PreviewπŸ”₯: Your cart is holding the hottest deals of the season. Buy now!"
  5. "Beat the Black Friday rush πŸƒ! Your cart is ready with deals that won't last."
  6. "Cyber Monday Exclusive: Your cart's discounts are live! Click through to claim them."
  7. "Cyber Savings Alert 🚨: Your cart is ready with the best deals of the year!"
  8. "Click, Save, Love: Your Cyber Monday cart is a click away from epic savings."
  9. "Your cart's got the Cyber Monday 🐝! Check out now to secure your gadgets."
  10. "Cyber Monday Flash Sale: Your cart items are on a countdown. Buy now or forever hold your peace!⏳πŸ’₯"

Customer Loyalty Points

  1. "Your cart is a gold mine πŸ’°! Checkout now and earn [X] loyalty points to use on your next order."
  2. "Loyalty pays off! Earn [X] points when you checkout now – think of it as our little thank you."
  3. "Hey [Name], your future self will thank you for these [X] loyalty points. Checkout now! πŸ™"
  4. "Turn your cart into points! πŸ’Έ Checkout today and rack up [X] points for amazing discounts."
  5. "Loyalty Alert: [X] points are waiting at the end of your checkout. Claim your bounty!"
  6. "Your loyalty points are calling! Complete your purchase and add [X] points to your stash."
  7. "Don't let your points slip away! 🎊Your cart is ready to convert into [X] loyalty points."
  8. "You're [X] points away from your next reward. Your cart is the πŸ”‘ to unlocking it!"
  9. "Points bonanza! Checking out now means earning [X] points. Don't miss out!"
  10. "You're a VIP πŸ‘‘ in our books! Checkout now and earn [X] loyalty points."πŸ›οΈ"

Wrapping Up

A well-crafted push notification can help reduce your abandoned cart rate and boost your revenue.

In a time where ROI matters more than ever, and the effort you put into attracting customers cannot be wasted, it is key to automate such campaigns to ensure they reach your customers smoothly and you can give attention to real-time campaigns.

Here’s where we come in! With Shopney, you can streamline your push notifications and ensure that your message reaches the right user at the perfect moment.

Reach out to our team to learn more!