10 Valentine's Day App Campaign Ideas and Push Notification Templates to Boost Shopify Sales

10 Valentine's Day App Campaign Ideas and Push Notification Templates to Boost Shopify Sales

Love is in the air! Even if your app doesn’t do roses, Valentine's Day presents a golden opportunity for you to connect with your users and drive sales.

In fact, V-day spending is expected to reach 26$ billion in 2024, twice as much as it was in 2022!

Whether fitness trackers or hair products, there's always a way to tap into the spirit of this holiday and create a memorable campaign.

A gift is personal, and your brand may just be what someone can give to show they are thinking about them and what they need or like in their life.

The key lies in crafting fun, engaging Valentine's Day app campaigns to set you apart from the competition.

But it's easy to get overwhelmed or feel like you’ve already written everything you can about a topic.

Here’s where we come in.

To help you make the most out of Valentine's Day, we’ve created and curated over 10 unique campaign ideas with push notification templates you can customize quickly and easily for your brand!

These strategies are designed to increase your app sales.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Valentine's Day App Campaign Ideas

From personalized gift guides to gamified promotions, watch them turn hearts (and wallets) toward your app.

1. In-app quiz to find the perfect gift

What’s an easy way to make marketing communication more engaging?


It’s also a great way to subtly know your app users better, helping create many subsequent high-converting campaigns based on what you learn.

The idea here is to develop a fun, interactive quiz that helps users find the perfect Valentine's gift based on their partner's interests in your catalog.

Get started with the templates below:

Push Notification Template 1: "🔍 Can't decide on a Valentine's gift? Take our quiz and find the perfect match for your better half! 💘"

Push Notification Template 2: “ 💝 Looking for a V-day date night outfit? Take our quiz & check out your perfect match in style.”

2. Curated gift recommendations

Can’t do a quiz?

Use your previous user data!

From wishlists and demographics to past purchases, you can zero in on what a user might like from your Valentine's Day collection.

Then, create a personalized app landing page with a curated selection of your products.

Push notifications can highlight these guides with messages like the template options we’ve listed below.

Push Notification Template 1: "💝 Valentine's Special: We've picked some thoughtful gifts just for [Name]! Check them out now!"

Push Notification Template 2: "Stuck on Gift Ideas? Browse our curated Valentine's Guide & impress your special someone! "

3. Exclusive Valentine's collection launch

Launching a special V-day collection? Increase your app engagement by making it exclusive to and promoting it through your mobile app!

You can also design Valentine 's-themed features and content within your app; for example, a heart-shaped icon can be added to your logo to make the branding cohesive.

Here are a few push notification examples you can use:

Announce them with push notifications using phrases like "Limited-Time Love! Shop Our Exclusive Valentine's Collection Now! "

Push Notification Template 1: "✨ Tap to unveil our Exclusive Valentine's Collection! Be the first to shop the romantic selection."

Push Notification Template 2: “ 💖 Don't Miss Out! Our limited-edition Valentine's Collection is LIVE! Tap now for exclusive offers just for you.

3. Last-minute reminder for Valentine's purchases

Let’s admit it- gifting is often a last-minute scramble for many people.

Speak to your logistic partners and see if you can get them to reduce delivery time for the first two weeks of February.

Then, send reminders as Valentine's Day approaches to capture last-minute shoppers and mention your on-time delivery guarantee.

When users feel like they can trust your brand to deliver even if they didn’t plan in advance, they will build long-term relationships with you and make way for more future purchases.

Check out the two examples below, and if you can, add a word or two to personalize it for your brand.

Push Notification Template 1: "⏰ V-day’s almost here! Get your Valentine's gift today and make it a day to remember. Psst- Tap now to enjoy express shipping!"

Push Notification Template 2: "🌹 Forgot to get a gift! It’s okay, we have your back! Tap to buy a special Valentine's Day surprise for your loved one and enjoy a 3-day delivery!

4. Flash Sales and Promotions

Shopping intention is high these weeks in February.

Leverage it by having time-sensitive sales or promotions leading right up to Valentine's Day.

FOMO is real, and it's a great, urgent motivator to shoppers and have them tapping on your notifications, browsing, and purchasing.

Remember, you have seconds to grab attention when you send a push to your app users, and flash sales or discounts are an excellent way to increase your CTR (Click-through rate).

Here are a few templates to get you started:

Push Notification Template 1: "💖 Flash Sale! Enjoy 20% off on all Valentine's gifts for the next 24 hours only! HURRY!"

Push Notification Template 2: "⏰ Limited Stock Alert! Our Most Romantic Gifts are Selling Out Fast! Don't Miss Out! Shop Now! "

5. Loyalty program specials for Valentine's

With each signature campaign that you do, remember to think about how your special members can also benefit.

For example, you can offer double points or special rewards like free shipping for purchases made during the Valentine's period.

You can customize any (or both!) of the templates below for your brand and see those app visits increase:

Push Notification Template 1: "💌 Love may be rewarding, but we definitely will! Earn double loyalty points on all purchases this Valentine's season!"

Push Notification Template 2: 💌 Sweet rewards await! This Valentine's, earn 2X points + get FREE shipping on all purchases! (Exclusive for members!)

6. Interactive Valentine's Day countdown:

Another fun way to engage your users is to integrate an interactive countdown to Valentine's Day.

By offering anticipation and excitement each day leading up to Valentine's, you can launch a new deal, exclusive content, or a special feature within your app.

It doesn’t have to be a discount or offer each time- the point is to build a holistic campaign that delights the customer and entertains them instead of just pushing them to buy.

This strategy will have your audience coming back to explore your app daily and will also build momentum toward the big day.

Here are a free template examples for push:

Push Notification Template 1: "❤️ The countdown begins! 7 days of deals for Valentine's Day! Today's deal is ()"

Push Notification Template 2: ❤ ️ Countdown to love with us! Discover today's exclusive Valentine's surprise inside our app. A new treat awaits every day until V-Day! 🎁 Tap now!”

7. Share the Love referral program

This Valentine's season, don’t forget to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

By having a "Share the Love" referral program, you can encourage your users to share their experiences with your product and brand and invite their friends to download the app, browse, and purchase.

Ensure both the referrer and the referred friends get a reward by giving them exclusive discounts, bonus points, or special gifts and that the referral process is easy and straightforward.

This campaign can help grow your user base and also build customer loyalty by rewarding users for putting in the effort to write a review and share it with their community.

Push Notification Template 1: "💕 Share the love this Valentine's Day! Refer a friend and both receive a special gift. 🎁"

Push Notification Template 2: 💘 Spread the love & get rewarded! Invite your friends to shop from (brand name) this Valentine's, and get a special gift! 🎁 Tap to invite.”

8. Love Yourself campaign

In a holiday traditionally dominated by romantic love, why not stand out by celebrating self-love and self-care?

‘Treat yourself’ campaigns are great for any brand with products that can be used to invest in themselves AND indulgent ones.

Encourages your app users to embrace luxury, comfort, and pleasure, perhaps gourmet chocolates, a premium subscription.

It's a nice way to give permission to spoil oneself, breaking the routine with something that feels extra special and luxurious from your brand.

Here are two notification examples you can use:

Push Notification Template 1: "🎁 You Deserve It! Pamper yourself with these specials for Valentine's Day!"

Push Notification Template 2: Indulge yourself this Valentine's! 🌹 Treat yourself to our exclusive luxury deals because you deserve some extra pampering!”

9. Abandoned cart campaign

As with any campaign, users can drop off. Maybe they saw a notification pop up and were pulled away from your app.

Or they just got busy.

Instead of waiting for them to see a notification about V-day approaching from another brand, send out push notifications and remind them that their cart is waiting for them.

You can also add in an extra discount, new product samples, or offers, like free shipping, to sweeten the deal.

Take a look at two template examples you can use for this campaign:

Push Notification Template 1: Oops! You left something special behind. Complete your purchase now and make this Valentine's Day unforgettable. Tap now! 🌹”

Push Notification Template 2: 💕 Just for you! Complete your Valentine's purchase within the next 24 hours and enjoy an exclusive 10% off. Buy now!

10. Valentine Week campaign

Yes, the day has become part of a 7-day celebration, with each day dedicated to different expressions of love, like Teddy Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, etc.

This is great for brands to bring some variety within their communication and engage users with daily themed campaigns.

You can build this campaign by tailoring your app's offerings, promotions, and content to align with each day's theme, making every day of Valentine's Week feel special!

Here are two push notification examples you can use for your brand this Valentine’s Day:

Push Notification Template 1: 🤗 “Embrace Hug Day with open arms! Check out our app for ideas on creating a memorable Hug Day, even from afar.”

Push Notification Template 2: "💋 Seal it with a kiss! Kiss Day is here, and we have the perfect suggestions to make it unforgettable. Dive in for a day of love and affection!"


With these creative ideas and catchy push notifications, you can engage with and attract your app users and strengthen customer loyalty.

Remember, the key to a successful Valentine's Day campaign is to get creative, personalize your messaging, and connect with your users' emotions.

But how do we make the experience seamless for both your brand and your app users?

This is where we come in.

Shopney, our mobile app builder designed for Shopify stores, can be a game-changer for executing these Valentine's Week campaigns. Reach out to us here to learn more!

With a little planning and effort, you can ditch the usual tactics this February and embrace the season's spirit!

Happy selling!

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