Make Your Shopify Store Multi-Language, Sell Internationally!

Make Your Shopify Store Multi-Language, Sell Internationally!

If you want to start selling internationally, you'll need to make your Shopify store multi-language. Creating a shop that can be viewed in different languages can help businesses to sell products and services to new markets. Luckily, this process is easy to do and can be completed in a few simple steps.

In addition, making your store bilingual or multilingual can also help increase your search engine ranking and attract more international customers. So, if you're looking to take your business global, read on for tips on how to make your Shopify store multilingual!

There are many pros and cons that are bound together in the multilingual translation application. The obstacles are predominantly because of the language barrier that repels the viewers from the website.

This article provides you with a solution for multilingual translation of the Shopify store and addresses the question of how do I create a new language in Shopify.

What is a Multilingual Shopify Store and How Does It Benefit You?

Online shopping has become the easiest and simplest way to buy favorite goods right from the comfort of home. So, there is a need for a solution to capture the hearts of customers around the world.

This can be achieved with a multi-language Shopify app that can bridge the language barrier that stands as a hindrance for the customers to get their favorite products.An English-speaking country like the United States contributed significantly to the eCommerce industry.

Still, the Asian and European countries are closely followed behind in gracing the most online shoppers. The Asian and European countries speak multiple languages, and connecting with them in their language can be a boost to the Shopify platform.

Localized Store for Customer Experience

Changing the language of the store to the customer's native language might seem the only solution to resolve the barrier between you and the customer. However, there is a lot more to it, where the customer expects to experience a localized store-like experience.

As you enter into the new market and new culture, get Shopify localization by knowing more about the mode of payment, delivery methods, and the highlights of the place.

Expanded Market

If you are looking for ways to expand your business in the world market, Shopify multiple language translations can be a rescue tool.  So making your website customized to the region and the customers would thereby generate great leads.

Brand Recognition

Do you want your brand to be recognized around the world? Then the Shopify multi-language translation can be the guiding lamp that takes your brand rightly to the customers around the world.

The brand and its functionality must be portrayed to the world strongly and effectively. Customers around the world should be able to identify and be in oneness with your brand.

In order to achieve this, a website that is translated into the mother tongue can be a great tool. This way, customers will have the opportunity to connect and engage with the brand personally.

Landing and Product Pages

The moment the customer lands on your landing page or product page, they want to have a comfortable experience. The content in a different language can diminish the interest of the customers, leading them to withdraw from the website instantly.

The landing and the product pages are the most important pages of a website and draw maximum attention from visitors. So, having these pages in Shopify different languages can help retain the customers and enable them to make purchases on your site.

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Ways to Make Your Shopify Store Multilingual

There are a number of other roundabout ways that can help in shifting your existing website into a different language. Some of the proper and effective ways of creating a multilingual Shopify store are as follows.

Multiple Stores

If your target is to venture among a certain country or region that speaks a different language. Then you can create a separate store for that particular language.

Similarly, multiple stores can be created in multiple languages for your business. However, such a solution comes with cons as much as pros. Some of them are listed below.

  • Managing the process with great difficulty as it is challenging
  • Taking too much time to create a store for each language
  • Handling multiple stores at the same time can get too much at times
  • Adding products to all the stores in a single go is not possible

So, these setbacks can be roadblocks to running the store efficiently. Moreover, the changes in the product would need a separate process translation.

Although this method seems effective, it is quite difficult to execute and needs proper guidance and relevant skills.

Shopify Multilingual Theme

The languages can be efficiently translated with the multi-language Shopify theme is one of the biggest misunderstandings in the eCommerce industry.

In general, it is considered that just selecting the theme that comes with multiple languages can be easily integrated with a language switcher. The idea is just as easy as it sounds; however, it is not the best go-to option for language translation.

The Shopify multilingual theme is quite basic and does not venture into all the functionalities. In some instances, you can only translate the content on the website; the content on the following pages, like the checkout process, does not have any translation.

Even the system messages do not have a proper translation. The major setback of the multilingual theme is that you cannot translate the content automatically, making the process even more complicated and tedious.

The Shopify multilingual theme can be an option, but it is best to look out for various other ways to translate. Especially if your store is already open, it would be problematic to go back and forth to make the changes.

Multilingual Shopify Apps

The best and the most simplified way to address this issue of translating the Shopify stores into multiple languages is the multilingual Shopify apps. These applications are excellent tools for all Shopify store owners to take their brand to every corner of the world.

With the multilingual translation applications, you need not duplicate the website or create a theme. The entire process is done automatically once the integration with the application is set.

The multilingual translation apps instantly adds more than a hundred languages and translates it for you effortlessly. You need not worry about increasing the website traffic as it manages the SEO and allows your page to rank higher.

With all these positives in the multilingual translation application, the app can be considered perfect for your Shopify store.

Adding Multiple Languages to Your Shopify Store

Once you have brainstormed ideas for renewing your Shopify store by adding multiple languages, the next question would be how to translate the Shopify store efficiently.

How to Determine Which Translation App Right for You?

Each of the translation apps comes with countless positives and negatives, and it is necessary to streamline those before choosing the application.

So, it is essential to keep a checklist like below one that can help in selecting the most applicable translations app for the Shopify store.

  • Long term value
  • Automatic translations
  • The number of languages available for translation
  • UX and setup
  • Proper integration with necessary tools
  • Easy customization process
  • Readily available for customers
  • Reflect SEO and push the site higher
  • Sufficient parting words

There are a number of translation apps that provide a smooth translation process. Some of the effective translation apps are streamlined below.

Use Weglot for Your Shopify Store

Weglot- Shopify App Store

Weglot is one of the easiest and fastest translation apps that allows you to initiate the process in 5 minutes. Weglot is, without a doubt, one of the best Shopify multi-language apps that can seamlessly translate languages.

The application translates the website content instantly and displays it in your store. All you have to do is install the application and create an account in it.

Once you are through with the account creation, the original language and the language for translation need to be entered to proceed with the translation. Here are the top features of Weglot:

  • Modifying the wordings from the automatic translation
  • Providing tailor-made language translator
  • Translating the customer's choice of language
  • Availing the search engine optimization in multiple languages

Use GTranslate for Your Shopify Store

GTranslate- Shopify App Store

In order to add multi-language to your Shopify store, you can approach GTranslate, which provides translation for more than a hundred languages.

The application seamlessly integrates with both Google and Bing to help you translate websites and applications automatically. You are bestowed with an additional feature of analyzing the website traffic through GTranslate. Here are some features of GTranslate:  

  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans - Modifying the translations SEO in different languages
  • Language switcher option for customers and viewers

Use langify for Your Shopify Store

langify- Shopify App Store

The language switcher offered by the langify application allows the customers to shift the page into their own language. It is more of a translation manager as it does not translate the websites automatically.

The visitor should upload the content for translation, and then the process of the translation is initiated in the langify application. This is quite a time-consuming process for those who run Shopify stores. Here are the top features of langify:

  • Detecting the language of the viewers and customers automatically
  • Boosting the SEO through Ahref tags
  • Checking out process is not entirely translated

What are the Available Languages in the Translation Apps?

The first and the foremost thing one must look for in the Shopify store translation applications is the number of available languages.

In langify 20, in GTranslate 103 and in Weglot there are more than 100 languages are available. The number of available languages is definitely significant, however, there are also other points you should be careful about when selecting the best translation app for you.

Once you are on the lookout for the translation of the website, you should generally start to ponder how to add multi languages in Shopify. In such instances, the language translation application can take away your trouble.

There are multiple applications that offer the same functionality, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate application that offers multiple languages.

Having the website translated into the maximum number of languages can be beneficial for expanding the brand to a broader audience. Moreover, check that the languages you are looking for are also available in the application.

Which One is Easy for Customization?

The next thing that needs to be considered is the integration and customization of the application. Once the language-translation application is integrated with the Shopify store, it should not disrupt the design or the content of the website.

So, it is necessary to verify if the translation app is customizable specifically for each of the Shopify stores. You can also look if there are any options that allow the store to be tailor-made in the process of language switching. Such customized applications can help in providing more significant customer satisfaction.

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Adding Multiple Languages to Your Shopify Mobile App

If you are selling globally or your customers are distributed to different regions, a mobile app could be the perfect extra sales channel for you. You can provide the best user experience, increase your conversion up to 5X and decrease your marketing ad spend down to 35%.

Also, if you turn your Shopify store into a mobile app with Shopney,  you can be sure that you can add multiple languages to your app smoothly. Shopney provides you with everything you need to make this process easy.

We are integrated with all the translations apps we mentioned above, also we provide 5 different languages in our dashboard to ensure you manage your app without any language barrier.

Final Thoughts

You learned the benefits of adding multiple languages to your Shopify store and how to achieve that. Then, you read the features of a qualified translation app and the list of best translation apps we have chosen for you.

Also, we mentioned the advantages of creating a mobile app if you are selling globally. And we explained that Shopney is the best Shopify mobile app builder for global stores since it is integrated with the best translation apps.

Now it is time to add multiple languages to your website & mobile app and sell globally!